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charming malay

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Age when it happend: 25
Where it happened: MALAYSIA
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

It was not my first time but definetly the most cherishing and wonderful experience. I was posted to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from my hometown, delhi in India. I was there for 2 weeks to train some staffs in IT.
The company i was attached to have mixed races. I found the chinese girls attractive and sexy. They definetly stirred my dick by showing they sexy legs in mini-skirts.
The indians in Malaysia are southies. Being a north indian myself, they don’t appeal to my taste. ( sorry to malaysian indians ).
The etnic malays, i saw, where quite religious, who would not miss their solat. But suprisingly it was one of this malay chick in her early 20s that bedded me. She is cute and fair with the body shape of a model which she hide in her loose fitting malay dress.
Unknown to me, she reveal the malays there are crazy of bollywood stars. She said i look like one.
She was very friendly and within a week she was already going out with me for drinks and private chats.
To cut short the story, 2 days before leaving for my hometown, i decided to do some shopping and sightseeing.
Being unfamiliar to the streets in Kuala Lumpur.The girl ( i would call her az), took me around.
We left to a hill resort ( Genting Highland) where we checked into different rooms.
But later that night she came into my room and told me she wanted give me a farewell treat.
To my surprise she worked on my clothes, removing every single piece before giving me a unforgettabe blowjob.
She look very different without her headscarve. Her long was shoulder length and very gentle.
I don’t know whether she was a virgin or not but she look comfortable handling a man. She told my manhood is enormous. We made love, gently with me on top driving my shaft in and out of her moist pussy.
Then she got on top, heaving heavily and moaning.
Finally i fucked her doggie-style before shooting my load on her white ass.
While i lay panting beside her, she asked me to give her some love bites. SHe prefer her neck and breast bitten.
While leaving love bite marks on her breast, i teased her nipple with my tongue and got her aroused. We did the 69 before fucking her with her legs held high on my shoulder.
She screamed it is very deep. I guessed she must have climaxed quickly.
Till today, we keep in touch through e-mails. Now she have married but secretly she wish she could have me there to satisfy her lust.
I’m looking forward to visit Malaysia. the country is wonderful, so do their girls.

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