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chat to sex encounter

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Age when it happend: 27
Where it happened: My house(MY)
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

True Story 100%,hapened in Bangsar KL…
owh yea im an Indian Guy and she’s a Sikh Girl…
but i for got her name…ill update tiz story again later when i remember her name.

she was a Sikh student from penang 20 yrs old, studying in KL.i guess nursing course…

we met tru alamak.com chat site, on a wednesday, that i didn go to work coz i woke pretty late.

early afternoon i went 2 my office for a while to get my mobile phone charger and went to Starbucks near my office to surf the net,i got bored after a while so i started chatting,
and then there was tiz girl comenting on main “is anybody free to spend time with me today”, i felt curious so replied her call, i send a private msg to her and told her that im very free today, coz i skipped work.

then she asked me whether i can spend 2-3 hrs with her, and do i have a place we can crash, i asked her why (as if i dont know), she told me that she needs sex very badly coz she didn have sex for the past 3 months since she broke up wit her BF, so i agreed, i told her i have a place, then she asked me to pick her up at Bangsar Putra LRT station,

when i got ther, all these questions came up to my mind, will she really come or its just a joke, or will she be really fat n Ugly, so i was bit skeptical, but after few minutes of informing her of my wherabout in the station, someone pat me in the back. as i turned i saw tiz beautiful and sexy sikh girl infront of me. she said hi and come on lets go..we got limited time, i got class later,

so we went to my home, by home i mean our family house, owwh it was a pretty big risk, but luckily nobody comes back 2 the house till 8 at nite, hehe..

so when we got 2 my house, she asked which room are we gona use, i told her thats my room, it was pretty small so she said “no, well use the master bedroom, so put on my bed sheet over the queen size bed and we started to undress,

she had very large boobs, and she was just in Bra and Panties, she was waiting for me to officiate the event hehe..so i did, starting with her boobs, i was playing with her boobs from outside of the Bra, she felt so exited so she started moaning.. ahh ahhh….ahh…
so i took of the bra and started to suck her boobs.. 38D, wow thats big…and while im sucking her boobs, my other hand went down to find her panties and clit…it was a little wet by then..

so i started to kiss every inch of her body before getting to her clit, and took her panties off, she helped me to take of her panties,then i licked her clit clean, she was moaning heavily now…she was almost screeming now…aaahhhh..aaahhh..ooohh…i told her 2 keep it down a notch, ppl next door might hear us… so she tried her best to keep it down, and then was her turn, she got up and started to kiss my dick before taking it full, owh she such a great sucker, thats the best blowjob ive ever received till 2day…

after that we did 69 position, that was fantastic, she’s the only girl ive did 69 up to date,after about 10 mins giving me a blowjob, i went to fuck her now, slowly she guided my dick (by the way my dick is about 6.5″ then, now its 7.5”) into her hole ready to be fucked, i started slowly, and then slowly increased my intensity of fucking, “wow that hot baby,fuck harder she said..i gave her the hardest fucking of my life to her, and the 1st round was about 30 minutes, and the we stopped for a while to rest, then did round two,

i asked her to do doggie and sit on top..and we fucked for another 30-40 minutes before we go exausted, and i said i want 2 try fucking her butt, which was too tight for my tired dick, owh yeah her clit is like a virgins clit, so damm tight,her butt is tighter, after that we took baths toghether and i send her to Putra LRT station again, we never spoke afterwards, i told tiz to my friend, and he wanted her no. so gave him and told him not 2 leak my name, after about a month seducing her, she agreed to have sex with him, but she asked RM50 from him, but for me it was FOC (Free Of Charge), wow isnt that awsome or what..

nowdays im always on the look out for new chicks or widows (coz widows are easier to seduce, coz of their desire for sex)
yo ladies..im here for you baby..no matter what race, age, or country…

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