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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: friend's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I know that lots of the stories here is
probably ficition or just a fantasy
that was not fulfilled. This is totally
true. It happened one weekend at a
friends house. She (16) was a friend that
I had known since 5th grade. One weekend
she invited me to her house to watch a
video. I can’t remember the movie, but
I remember what happened after. I got
there around 6pm and she greated me
at the door and told me that she had was
alone this weekend because her parents
went to visit relatives in California.
She had invited her best friend (16)
(Sara) to stay wiht her that night.
When I got there they were both watching
some boring movie and was waiting for
me so that they could start the video.
Anyway, we watched the entire movie
and we started to talk afterwards.
It was still early and we decided to
play cards. Somehow the game
was starting to get boring and they
(the girls) wanted to play something
more interesting. Oh yeah, we did have
some wine that night. Ok, maybe alot!
They suggested strip poker. I said
that I would play, but it was unfair
because they had more clothes than me.
I had workout shorts (biking type) and
a t-shirt. I was stupid to agree to play.
We sat in t circle at started playing.
Well, I started to win and they took off
some, but they had lots of clothes that
night. I was setup? Soon they were
both topless. Then it happed to me.
I got a hard on. Remember, I had on
a biker type shorts and did not hide
anything. They both looked surpised
at me. I was really hard and there
was no way to hide it. I made a excuse
to go the the bathroom to hide.
I got back and they looked at me and
asked me if I would show them it.
It? I said. Yeah, you know. I said only
if they would show me theirs. They looked
at each other and said yes. I stood up
and pulled my shorts down. They justed
looked at it. They asked all kinds of
questions. One thing lead to another
and we are all undressed. Sara was
the first to suggest to try to insert
my penis inside her. We tried it once
but it hurt her so we tried again.
I t finally went in and it was so warm
and tight. She was sore at first but
it was easy after it was in. The first time
was really exciting but it was much
better the next few times. I only wish
I had a change to have sex with her best
friend. Well, maybe she will see this.

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