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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Cousin's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My first time was a little different then most. It was summer vacation and my family took a trip to visit some relatives. One night we stayed at my Aunt’s and Uncle’s house. It was decided I would stay in my cousin’s room as she had a trundle bed. She was a year older then me at 15 and I found her extremely hot. After everyone had gone to bed we were playing video games in her room. She was wearing a large shirt that she slept in and at one point it crept up and I noticed she was wearing a diaper! I asked her about it and she said that she had an underdeveloped bladder and had to wear the diaper for protection. She said that they were actually quite comfortable and asked if I wanted to try one. I was curious so I said yes. She had me lay down and take off my pajama bottoms. I was embarrassed to be seen by my cousin this way but she quickly diapered me without saying anything. It felt weird to be diapered and we sat and talked about the diapers for a little bit. We started talking about pissing in the diapers and she said that she would wet hers if I wet mine. We agreed that she would go first. She stood and front of me and pulled her shirt up around her waste so I could see the diaper. I could hear a hissing sound as she pissed and see a wet spot grow on the diaper. When it was my turn I stood up but had trouble pissing. After a while I was able to let it out. It felt different to be wearing a wet diaper but not that bad. My cousin thanked me for not making fun of her and for wearing and wetting a diaper with her. She then admitted that wearing a diaper made her horny and she came over and kissed me. We then started making out and I soon had my hands up her shirt on her small boobs and she was rubbing the front of my diaper. We moved to her bed and removed our shirts. We continued kissing while rubbing our diapered crotches together. She said that she wanted me in her so we removed our diapers and I laid on top of her. It was a little awkward penetrating her but she helped guide me. The feeling was overwhelming and I didn’t last long. After resting a little while and sucking on her nipples, I got hard again. This time I rolled on my back and she rode me. I lasted longer and she seemed to enjoy it more. After my second orgasm she asked if I wanted to sleep in a diaper. I said yes. She grabbed two diapers and we diapered each other and fell asleep, her diapered butt against my diapered crotch. The next morning we woke up early and went at it again. My cousin told me that she had sex with her boyfriend a couple of times in his car, but it was not as good as the sex with me. Unfortunately, we were only staying with them that one night. However, now that we are both at college we get together some weekends and have some diapered fun.

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