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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: My best friend's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

The night that I lost my virginity was like every other Friday night in our town…we all went to the 9th Line “bush party” which was very typical. We all drank, a lot, danced, and told stupid stories.
I saw Jer by the camp fire, a hord of girls around him like ususall, and he looked amazing. He saw me and kept looking at me, but I wasn’t giving into the look. I wasn’t one for pawing men, so I smiled and then ignored him. He followed me around for the night, everywhere i went he was sure to follow.
Most of the people left the party and it was just his friends and mine. So, we offered him a ride home, instead we all ended up at my best friends house. He went into her room and called me in. We talked for a while then he bent over and kissed my neck. Electricity went through my body, he was touching me everywhere. He had a rep, and was notorious for taking it from girls, so he knew what he was doing…
He layed me down and started to peel off my clothes and kissed eveverywhere that was exposed. He then proceded to take off his own clothes and he was huge. I just stared and thought this is really going to hurt.
He slipped his hands between my legs and began massaging me, then replaced his hands with his expert tongue. He was incredible, but before I knew what was happening he put his hard cock deep inside me and was really ruff. He mistook my moans for pleasure and went even harder. I was in agony. Worse though is he kept going and going…I eventually went numb.
I awoke the next morning unable to walk, I was in so much pain.
I then thought, I never gave him concent…I never once said do this to me, I wanted it, but I didn’t. My first time was to be with someone i loved and I didn’t love him.
I went to the hospital later that day to see if my bits and pieces were intack and the nurse asked if i had been ‘gang raped”. I said no and asked her why she would think that. She told me that he had ruptured my membrane so badle i may never have children. She aslo explained that my body was badly bruised internally.
I did have a child, but that night haunts me instead of please me. If a woman doesn’t give concent, it is still rape. Date rape that is…

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