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Chuck and Kirsten On The Beach

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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: Nude Beach
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Throughout my high school years I had managed to keep my virginity — although it was hard. Guys were always trying to get me to go all the way with them, but I never would. Then, during my first year in college, at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, I met this very cute guy, Chuck in one of my Sociology classes. I was attracted to him right away, and the feeling was mutual.

We began dating, and after a few months I discovered that he and his family were nudists, members of the American Sunbathers Society. They wore regular clothes most of the time, but they belonged to this naturist camp just outside Ann Arbor, on a lake, and during the Summer months, they spent most of their weekends there. I thought it was a bit odd, but the more Chuck told me about it, the more I began to understand the philosophy behind naturism or nudism.

One July day in my freshman year, Chuck asked me if I’d like to go to this naturist camp with him and his family for the weekend. At first I hesitated, but the more I thought about it, I thought it might be interesting to observe. Chuck told me that it was strictly voluntary as to whether to remove one’s clothes completely, and that if I felt uncomfortable about it, I wouldn’t have to, but could just use a swim suit. So, finally, I decided to go.

Chuck’s family consisted of his Mom and Dad, a younger brother, age 17, and a sister, 15. They also took along a cousin of Chuck’s, who was a Senior at U of M, who was about 22 or 23.

When we arrived at the camp, only a few miles out of town, I found that they had a lot of cabins there which people could rent or lease for the year, and there was also a large pavilion type building that contained dressing (undressing) rooms, showers,rest rooms, a cafeteria or snack bar type facility,and a large room where people gathered to visit, play games like ping pong, pool, etc.

Chuck’s Dad had two cabins that we were to use. He and his wife and the younger brother and sister used one (which had two bedrooms) and the other was assigned to Chuck and myself, and his cousin, Ned. The boys used one bedroom and I had the other.

It was a beautiful day out when we arrived, and pretty soon everyone had shed their clothes and were decked out in their birthday suits — everyone except me. I had brought a nice bikini swim suit with me, and decided to wear that.

One of the first things we did when we got outside was to play volleyball. Chuck, his Dad, his brother and cousin were on one side, and Chuck’s Mother, myself and Chuck’s sister were on the other side, along with another girlfriend of Chuck’s Sister, who was probably 17 or 18.

I had a real hard time concentrating on the game because I kept staring at these guys on the other side of the net, completely nude — and they were all gorgeous. It was the first time I had seen Chuck without his clothes, and his Dad, who was in his early 40s looked like a Greek god! Very trim and fit and tanned. Chuck’s 17 year old brother and the older cousin, Ned, were also perfect specimins of manhood — and especially where their manhood counted — between their legs. As I say, I couldn’t keep my eyes off them, as we played there in the sun.

Chuck’s Mom and younger sister were also beautiful and very fit, as was the sister’s girlfriend.

After the game, we all rested and had soft drinks. Then, Chuck and I wandered off. I still had my bikini on, but was beginning to feel somewhat uncomfortable because I was the only one around with any sort of clothes on at all. Nobody pressured me, but as Chuck and I walked together along the shore of the lake, Chuck did suggest that since I had this beautiful body, it might be nice to let everyone see it. I was still hesitant, but after we went for a swim in the lake, and came off, I decided to shed it, first taking off my top, and finally my bottoms. Chuck told me I looked absolutely beautiful. After the sunn had dried us off, Chuck said it was best to put on some sun tan oil so we wouldn’t get sunburned, and he began to apply it all over my body — and I mean everywhere. With his hands rubbing this oil all over — on my breasts, my abdoman, my legs, between my legs, I was really turned on. And when I did the same for him, he was really turned on as well, and it was not long before his flaccid manhood became rigid and hard. Soon, our bodies were joined, as one, and Chuck began to fuck me there on the beach, and for the first time, I felt the awesome sensation of a man inside me, filling me with his love, thrust after thrust after wonderful thrust! There was no one else around at the time, and we enjoyed our love-making there probably for a half hour or more. Chuck kept whispering in my ear how much he loved me and how much he had wanted to do this for so long. I told him I loved him too and to keep fucking me as hard as he could because I was in absolute heaven.

After that, we swam in the lake again, and reapplied the sun-tan oil to each other. Our bodies absolutely glistened there inthe sun.

That night we slept in the same bed in the cabin and fucked our brains out.

We were at the nudist camp for two more days after that and our love-making continued.

And for two years now,We have been enjoying each other’s body.

I have now become a naturist, too,

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