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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: garage
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I had caught my step dad jacking off in the garage a couple times, watching him through the window late evenings thinking to myself, my god i need to be fucked, it was such a strong urge. watching my step dad man handle this huge cock of his was numbing, my mouth would hang open watching him, all greasy and dirty in coveralls and leaning against the car spiting in his hand and stroking this massive piece of meat, almost as if he wanted me to see and like he was putting on a show for me… I wanted it, how am i going to get him to take me? i was always all over him discreetly trying to intice him… one of the nights i started watching him i was dripping and i mean soaked down my legs, i had to have it!!! i queitly walked in the door and got down on my hands and knees, he saw me! he never hid or put it away! i kept crawling on my hands and knees as if to say im here to service you! he knew i wanted it.all he said was “get over here, you want a real man?” let daddy show you how a real man fucks! he put me up on his work bench and ate me out so good i almost passed out! OMG! I then went down on him… kinda, i got 3 inches in my mouth, it was thick, massively thick, gosh! so im doing my best and he says, all 9 1/2 inches of this is yours and im taking that lil pussy for a ride! he put me on the hood of the car, kissing me and rubbing it against my untouched twat, he fingers it, pushes his horse cock against me, i keep saying i want you sooooooo bad, but i dont think itll fit… but i want it so bad! he gets the tip in, kissing me, talking really dirty and nasty to me, i was so turned on by him, so mean, blunt, masculine and just hot!!!this man gets what he wants and is going to MAKE me take it. then a thrust as hes holding the back of my head staring in my eyes with a mean look and pushing deeper, i started to cry and move away, when i did that he put his arms around me in a bear hug and slammed it up in me! OMG OMG OMG!!!! YES SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! then he litterally pounded me into another world! he kept lifting me up while pumping that massive rod and laying me on the bench, the car, a stool, pumping and pumping and walked out of the garage to the picnic table still burried deep in me, meanwhile the old 90 yr old lady next door was watching from an upstairs window, but i couldnt talk, and didnt want him to stop! i said nothing! i was making sure my step dad was getting what he wanted and needed! he pumped me on the back steps, against the wood pile, put me on the swing and this old lady is still watching!!! then while still mounted he walked with me on his massive rod back into the woods, put me on a big fallen down tree and said, its like a rape in the woods you bitch, you fucking love this big dick and from now on you will do as i say!!! this lil cunt is your fucking daddies fuck hole and i plan on knocking you up! with that he filled me! bigtime! then i had to clean his cock, lick it clean! I fell in love with him, him and my mom never have sex, i still satisfy him… like he likes it! i love it!

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