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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Step Dad
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I always thought my stepfather was so hot, you know those dirty fantasies you have that you shouldn’t… my step dad was a construction worker, a very hot handsome well built man with the deepest manly strict voice that made me tingle everywhere. my mother worked 2nd shift and my step dad would get home around 6 every evening, drink beers till he was drunk and lay in his recliner shirtless and in shorts a size to small, i was so facinated by the hairy muscled chest and the incredible looking package he sported, i mean wow!!! he knew i was always looking at it… he’d get up with a macho strut and that thing was massive, almost to say “look what i got lil girl” I know your looking! i would go to my room and rub on and finger my tiny hole to no end! I wanted him so bad! I tried to be sluty with him in a subtle way all the time and i know he knew it, he’d tease me by standing behind me really close if i was washing dishes and i’d feel it brush against me and i’d just quiver and he’d give me a wink as if to say make the first move and i’ll give it to you! well i couldn’t take it no more, i just turned 13, my pussy was aching to be taken!!! by a real man!!! while my step dad was drinking watching tv in his recliner i put on the hottest shortest lil skirt, no panties and went into the frontroom, laid down on the floor watching tv showing my little slit off acting innocent, my dad got up to get a beer and WOW!!! SO HUNG! completely hard and when he came back in and got in his recliner he said sweety come here, we need to talk…. i got up and stood there by him and he said, no come sit in my lap and get comfy, OMG YES! I had my wet pulsing untouched slit pushed up against his hammer and he made it twitch and i pulsed back… HEAVEN! So he says, you know what, your a hot little girl and at the age where your gonna wanna experiment with boys and even guys like me know that and your driving me crazy in those short skirts… I blurted out “I KNOW!” he says ohhhhhh, you do huh… my answer, I rubbed my bare snatch up and down his shaft once! and he got this look in his eye like oh yeah! and without saying anything he reached under me and pulled it out of his shorts and said do it again! i was in absolute HEAVEN! I was rubbing my tiny pussy all over this incredible cock as my step dad starting kissing me, i couldnt take it, OMG yes! he whispered “dont ever say anything and let daddy be the first baby” i muttered “yes sir” he said, ill show you how a man makes that hungry pussy his! he lifted me up and i knelt down on the floor and when he stood up in front of me and his cock was more than i thought, WOW, he saw my look and said, it’s 10 inches your gonna love and do anything for, just like any other girl that gets it. how very true!!! he laid me on the couch and ate my pussy forever!!! then he laid back and i put what i could in my mouth and my jaw was so sore, i know i didnt suck it good, but then he got on top of me and while kissing me he kept poking at my twat, i was dripping everywhere, i felt it going in and thats when i feel in love with him, i mean bigtime!!! it was painful but he was so good. then it happened, POP! AHHHHHHHHHHHH, HES IN ME!!! MY STEP DAD IS FUCKING ME!!!! OMG YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Even though he could only get half in me he was in heaven… he talked so hot and dirty i felt like a hot whore and i loved it, i loved it so much! he kept saying how bad he wanted to flood my pussy with his nut, i knew what he meant and i didnt care! he did! he shot a gusher in me! after he was done, do you know what i said, LOL, i said “Thank you!” after that i got fucked all the time, it was non-stop! even times when my mom was home he’d fuck me in the shed, the garage, his truck, back in the woods was the best, it was like being raped! and i loved it! having this 6’5″ 240lb hairy, muscled man in dirty construction clothes banging my tiny pussy…..OHHHHHhhhhhhhh YES! A REAL MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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