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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: bill's apartment
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I was a freshman at a small college and had never even had a boys hand on my breasts. I couldn’t believe it when a very nice senior boys showed interest in me. Several girls told me Bill wanted to ask me out and said what a nice boy he was.
Bill finally did ask me out and we went to the movie in a town about 20 miles away. He never touched me that night except to give me a kiss on the cheek.
The next weekend we went to a movie again. This time during the movie his right hand came over my shoulder and laid on my right breast. just having his hand lie there felt incredible. After a few minutes he began to lightly massage my clothed breast and eventually leaned over to french kiss me. Then he started finding my nipple through the clothing and twisting it lightly. Near the end of the movie he leaned over to kiss me again and slid his left hand under my top, under my bra and lightly fondled my breasts. I was in heaven.
We stopped in the country on the ride home and pulled into a farmer’s field. Bill slowly raised my top and viewed my breasts. He told me they were beautiful and asked me take off my top but just to leave my bra on pushed up above my breasts. He played with them with his fingers and after several minutes leaned forward to gently lick them. My nipples were so erect and my breath was coming hard. Then he began to suck them and sucked each for several minutes. He pulled down my bra and told me to put my top back on.
The next week we watched TV at his apartment. He again exposed my breasts and sucked them. Then he reached up under my skort to massage my pussy. It was almost more than I can bear. He asked me if I had ever been fingered or penetrated with a penis. I told him no. He said” Spread your legs” which I did and as he sucked my breasts he gently put his fucking finger inside of me. Then he worked it around for quite awhile. He pulled it out spread my lips and slowly stroked my slit ending at my clitoris. He stroked my clitoris gently. He encouraged me to tell him what I was feeling and to experience the orgasm I was building to. I was embarassed to orgasm in front of him but it couldn’t be helped. As I arched my back in orgasm he slid his middle finger up inside and adequately brough my orgasm to major heights by finger fucking me.
For four weeks Bill fingered me to orgasm, in the car, in the apartment, even in the library. but he neever asked to pull down my pants.
After four weeks, he did pull down my jeans and panties and looked at my pussy. he had purchased a nursing bra for me so that he could just open the cup and enjoy sucking my breasts. It was very erotic.
I was sitting on the couch when Bill removed my jeans and panties and asked me to take them off. He spread my legs apart and massaged the clitoris and fingered me. then he gently lowered his head and used his tongue on my slit and clitoris.
Bill then told me that this was the night I was to lose my virginity. He said I could willingly let him penetrate me or he would rape me if I hesitated. He told me that allowing him to finger me and tonight pull down my pants said that I was willing to accept his penis.
I was devastated as I had not wanted to have sex before marriage. However, I knew that I had no argument and I had no doubt that he could easily fuck me while holding me down. So,. we went to his bed and I spread my legs. he wanted me to suck him but seeing me ready for his penis was more than he could take. He lowered hispants to hiw kneees, got between my legs and mounted me. He aimed his penis head at my hole and slowly started to enter me. He leaned forward and sucked my breasts. His strokes were hitting home and despite the fact that I had lost my hymen and was being violated I began to respond- my back arching and my buttocks shaking. Bill started talking dirty and suddenly drove his penis to the depths of my pussy.
I felt his hot cum shoot up into me. (Fortunately I did not get pregnant)
Once I had had the initial fuck I was willing to let Bill continue to stick it in me. The next night he got me on all fours in front of the tv to penetrate me (This time with his penis sheathed). But before sticking it in me he was fingering my rectum. I begged him not to and he said that I would soon have more than his finger in my rectum. He did fuck me in my pussy but several nights later he forced his cock up my anus in the same position. I beggedhim to pull out but he painfully shoved it way up inside.
We dated for five years – Bill took me almost every night-sometimes twice. He was demanding and would even take me in the kitchen of his apartment to bend me over the kitchen table for a quickie while his friends were there. Many times several of his friends heard and maybe peeked and saw him fucking me. Believe me when I tell you there isn’t a thing he didn’t try with me including the various objects he liked to stick in myr ectum. He gave me enemas and took my temperature rectally often being totally turned on by the control
We broke up for two years and are now back together. I am getting my pants pulled down nightly and his penis stuck up inside of me every night and many nights in both my pussy and my anus. Bill is all I know and I love the sounds he makes when he humps me.

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