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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: His House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

When I was 12 I decided that I wanted to play soccer along with all of my friends, unfortunately, they had all been playing since they were 5 or 6, and all were much better than I was. Mom signed me up with the local recreation league and at my first practice I met my coach. Clay was in his mid 30Æs, and average looking, definitely not a hunk that you dream about. He started running us through drills, and it became very obvious that I was out of my leagueà Everyone knew what they were doing, and I just couldnÆt keep up. Besides being new at organized soccer, I was at that clumsy stage that many girls go through. Skinny, taller than most of the boys with no boobs or butt. I was so frustrated that I wanted to quit after that practice.

Mom picked me up and I was in tears. Clay talked to her and I, trying to sooth my hurt and we found that he only lived a couple of blocks from us. He suggested that I come over to his house for some extra practice that would hopefully get me to where I wouldnÆt look so bad on the field. My mom agreed to this event though I wanted to quit. The next Saturday mom took me to ClayÆs house so she could meet his wife. She had been over protective of me since my dad got killed in a car crash two years earlier, and she wanted to know something about the people before she would let me come over alone. Clay and his wife had two small children ages 2 and 5, but his wife was real sick and couldnÆt do much. We went in to meet her, and she looked so strange. She had cancer and was so skinny, and had no hair on her head. She was very nice and apologized for here appearance and not being a better hostess.

I went outside with Clay and did some practicing while my mom and ClayÆs wife chatted. The kids were outside with us and got in the way a lot, but it was fun. After an hour or so, mom came out and we left for home. On the ride back, she asked if I would be interested in babysitting ClayÆs two kids occasionally. In their chat, she found that the girl that normally watched their kids was leaving, and they were looking for someone to watch them when the two of them went out.

My soccer lessons continued, and I watch the two kids a couple of times a week. On my 13th birthday Clay bought me a small diamond pendant necklace with matching earrings. This was my first real jewelry and I loved it. About 8 months later, ClayÆs wife lost her battle with cancer and passed away. It was like losing my own mother, because I had gotten so close to the two of them.

Clay needed me even more now to watch the kids, and I was really beginning enjoy having them around. My 14th birthday came and went and Clay took me out for a fancy dinner, dancing and a show while my mom watched his two kids. It was greatà My mom took me to the hairdresser and had me all fixed up. Even though I was only 14, I looked like I was 21 or 22, then mom put me into a dress that fit like a glove, and while it wasnÆt revealing, it gave a very sensuous look my still developing figure. That night I fell deeply in love with Clay. I started dreaming of Clay loving me, but I was still thinking in little girl terms. Sex really hadnÆt entered my mind, even though I had learned about the mechanics in sex education class, I still thought of love as the princess being carried of by her prince.

My mom traveled with her job and I always stayed with a friend when she was on the road. She was called out of town on another trip, and my friend was on vacation with her family. Mom really needed to go on this trip, and we were trying to figure where I could stay, when Clay stopped by to drop something off. He heard the discussion, and volunteered to let me stay with him while mom was gone. So the problem was solved, and mom went on her trip.

One night after the kids had taken their baths and was in bed; Clay was setting on the sofa watching a sad movie when suddenly he started crying. I sat beside him and held him in my arms, pulling close while he sobbed on my shoulder. After a few minutes he stopped, and apologized for breaking down. He still missed his wife, and he said the nights were the worst. I held him and massaged his neck and shoulders, soon he put his arms around me an pulled me close. Looking him in the eyes, I kissed him on the mouth, and moved his hand to one of my small breasts. Clay said we had better stop, and I started crying; telling him that I loved and wanted him. He then picked me up and carried me to his bedroom.

On his bed, he ran his hand under my tee shirt, gently stroking my breasts and then sliding his hands down my stomach he caught the band of my panties in his fingers and slide them off. He stood up and removed his sweatpants and underwear and I saw his manhood spring into view. It was massiveà 7 û 8 inches long with a big purple head. Lying down beside me, he pulled me close and kissed and caressed my body for a long time, the slowly moved down between my obscenely spread legs. He massaged my stomach and hips and lowered his head to my pubic mound. I gasped as his hot breath and lips came in contact with my cunt lips. Spreading my lips apart, he began to lick the inside of my cunt, settling on my little clit. He began a sucking motion with his mouth and tongue that was driving me absolutely wild with pleasure. I cried out when I felt an electric shock shoot through my pelvic areaà I humped up to meet ClayÆs faces as wave after wave of my first climax wash over me.

Quickly Clay sat up, took his cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down the slit of my virgin pussy. I felt the purple head come to rest against my little hole, and felt the pressure as he started pushing harder and harder trying to gain entrance to my pussy. I gasped as the head popped in, and I felt my cunt stretch to accept the invader. I felt stuffed, not believing that there could be any left to put into me. I reached down with my hand and realized that only the head was in, and still had at least 7 inches. Steadily he pushed and my body expanded to accept his manhood. Finally I felt his pubic bone press against my stretched pussy lips. I felt like I had a telephone pole inside of me, but it didnÆt really hurt, just uncomfortable. Clay lay still letting me adjust to the invader and after a few minutes slowly started withdrawing his cock. As I felt the ridge of the head of his cock catch on the inside of my hole, he pushed back into me. Faster and faster he thrust. Soon I was thrusting to meet his motions; my cunt was on fire and I was trying to quench the heat by moving faster and harder. After 10-15 minutes, Clay started thrusting deeper and harder into my virgin body, and it began to hurt as rammed harder and harder, I cried out in pain. Suddenly he thrust in and grabbed my hips, pushing himself in to the deepest penetration yet. I felt his dick spasm inside of me, and felt its load of warm sticky goo pump into my abused pussy.

Clay collapsed on top of me and rolled on his side, and pulled me close. We both fell asleep in that position, and when I woke in the morning I could hardly walk. My pussy was sore, and felt so stretched that I wondered if I would ever feel normal again. Clay apologized to me and promised that it wouldnÆt happen again, but I was even deeper in love with him now.

That was 15 years ago. Clay and I never had sex again, but I still love him deeply. He and my mom started dating a month or two after that episode, and they married a year later. Clay adopted me, he and mom had my baby brother, and heÆs now the grandfather of my two girls. My love for him has never faded, and given the chance I would go to his bed in a heartbeat.

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