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College Skinny Dipping

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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: College Pool
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I work at my college’s pool as a lifeguard to pay off loans that I used to get there.

So one night it was getting close to closing time as usual the crowd was thin.

“Okay folks times up were closing down’I said and I watched them leave.On average the shift was a normal one but it really ate up my study time.Even on school days I worked 1 to 7 and I had to shower afterwards.But I’d gotten use dto it besides it was worth it I was paid 15 dollas a week.The land was once owened by a rich stoks holder who donated the pool but some people from him desendants still came and would skinny dip.So I had to check all the gates to make sure they were locked.

When I’d finished I went inside and began to change I had just finished stripping and had begun my shower when I head a plunk.I ignored it thinking it was a rock from some kids who would skip stones.But I after not hearing another one I decided to check I wrapped a towel around me then left.I brought my bag with me outside then saw the clothes.My first guess was it was from the group of high schoolers who’d skinny dip.I put down my bag near the gate and walked to where the clothes were.I heard a rustle behind me but ignored it I’d just scare them then give them a warning.But when the person did come up it wasn’t at all who I imagened.

“Whoa”I said and the girl shreaked I fell in.

I felt my towel slid away from me I grabbe dit then came to the surface.I put my towel on the pool side then went after the girl.She tore throught the water trying to buy herself time before I wore out.I grabbed her leg and felt her eccelorate.

“I ain’t done nothin'” the voice said strong with the texan accent.

“Wait, Wait”I yelled I felt her slow down then stop.

“What?” she asked me.

“Hold on who are you?”I asked she looked familiar the dragon tatto.

“My name is Ani” she said.

“What are you doing?”I asked.

“I was taking a dip, looks like my friend took your clothin'” she said.I turned my bag was gone and so was my towel I truned to her.

“Now excuse me but time for me to vamuski”she said

“No you can’t leave”I said.

“Why?” she asked.

“If they find out they’ll fire me… then they’ll kick me out… then sue me”I said.

“Well I guess I have to stay”she said.

“Daniel is that you?” a Walter asked.

“Stay low till I say” I told her then I walked ove rto where he was careful to keep my lower torso underwater.

“Daniel what on earth are ya doin’ here”Walter asked.

“Oh sorry man the mids are killing me thought I’d take a swim”I said.

“Well Mrs.Luck hates it when ya swim after dark but I’m leavin’ in a few so you can stay but lock up”he said.I waited til he’d left then I swam back to where she was waiting.

“Leave now?” she asked.

“No if he knew I was skinny dipping with a woman then I’d be dead”I said.

“Wait your naked?”Ani asked.I covered up then something went off in my head.

“Your..”I almost finished she covered up.

“Why do ya think i wait till after ya close” she said.

“Wait Ani are you Ani Illuri?” I asked.

“Ya wait Daniel? Daniel”she sauid we hugged.

“So tomorrows Saturday spend the night at my place and We’ll get your clothin’ back” she said.We waited till walter came back and said he was leaving thenwe left.

“Wait I have no clothes”I said.

“Covcer up!don’t worry we’ll share a bed and your clothes are safe” she said.The walk back was long and hard but we finally made it to her house and the next day I got my clothes back.

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