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Age when it happend: 30
Where it happened: home
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

was the other night my husband was gone on a trip for a few days i was so horny early that day a couple of my girl friends was over we was talking about cocks they both said they loved to fuck and suck on big black cocks on of them told me she fucked a black guy that had a 13 inch cock was so big around she could barly get the head in her mouth and he fucked her all night long so after they left and it got dark i went out driveing around thinking about what they said i went to this bar that mostly black men go was drinking a little when this huge black man sat down next to me started talking all i could see in my mind was his cock he ask me to slow dance with him i said ok he pulled me tight against him i could feel his cock it was huge he ran his hands up down my back then he grabbed my ass with both hands pulled me even tighter it felt great then i danced with 2 other men we all 4 sat at a table i sat between 2 of them they both started rubbing my leggs putting thier hands up my skirt rubbing the inside of my thighs i asked them if they wanted to go to my place so we all went to my house when we got to my house i took them to my bedroom i dropped to my knees undid thier pants and started sucking thier cocks my friends are right black cocks are huge the first one i put in my mouth i pushed it in my mouth as far as i could and still had 2 hand fulls left to jack on i told them to do what they wanted to me i was thier sex toy to please them anyway they wanted so they picked me up throw me on the bed tore my cloths off me one hung my head over the edge of the bed i was on my back and he forced every inch of his cock down my throat he fucked my mouth and throat they took turns fucking my mouth they would shove thier cocks so deep that thier balls was laying on my face then one laid down on his back told me to set on his cock it was so huge sticking up and curved to the side some it was as round as my arm it hurt going in my pussy was not use to something so big he grabbed my hips shoved me down hard on it i scream it was to big but he started bucking up fucking me pushing it all in my pussy going deep i cummed it felt so big and so good he sucked my 34 c tits not to be left out one of them shoved his cockl in my mouth then the other on forced his cock up my ass i have never been fucked in my ass it hurt so bad but could not stop him i was cumming hard these 3 huge black men was fucking the shit out of me i just thought about how goodddddddd it felt i had 3 huge long fat black cocks stretching my pussy and ass they cummed in all my holes they fucked me doggystyle up my ass one right after the othe cumming deep in my pussy something i never let my husband do they took turns with me all night it was getting daylight when i took them back to the bar i was so soar i could hardly drive are walk i got home i crawled i my cum soaked bed and slept my belly pussy and ass full of thier cum it was best sex i ever had loved every minuit of it i hope my husband goes on another trip very soon i grave huge black cock the bigger the better

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