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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: next door neighbor's barn
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Well, I was best friends with Alicia, the girl next door. My name is Ruby, and I have an older brother named Mike. At the time, Alicia was about thirteen, I was fourteen, and Mike was seventeen.

School was out for the spring break. I was over at Alicia’s house, and we were in her room talking about Sex and Boys and Sex and Boys and Sex, etc. You know what I mean. Nobody else was home, and we were looking at some Victoria’s Secret catalogs, and wishing we had somebody to “Do It” with.

Just then Mike came over to give me a phone message. While I was returning my call, he came into Alicia’s room, and saw what we were looking at. He picked up the catalog, and gave a whistle. He said “Alicia, I bet you would be prettier than these girls in this sort of clothes.” She blushed, and said she didn’t think so. Mike said “Sure you would. You’re beautiful.” And she surely was, with her slender but full figure, flawless peaches and cream complexion, Blue eyes and long honey colored hair.

Mike said “let’s mess around a little and see how good you girls look, OK? Where is your pajama drawer, Alicia?” She showed him her night things, and he picked out a teddy outfit for her, and a camisole for me. He turned his back while we shucked off our clothes and put the nighties on.
When we were ready, he turned around and gave a long low wolf whistle, and complimented us profusely. We posed and strutted around, and even flashed Mike a little. It was fun.

Then Mike said “You two switch outfits now, and I’m gonna watch while you do.” At first Alicia was hesitant, but I started stripping, and she joined in right away, and we exchanged outfits with Mike watching us. Now he had seen me and I had seen him many times, and it was no big deal for me, but Alicia was a little timid.

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