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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: grandparants house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My grandmother and grandfather lived in this big house
in the middle of nowhere. Each summer the family would come
to visit for a few weeks. Us grandchildren stayed for most of the
summer. I was the youngest grandchild, and when I was 14 not many
of the my cousins fancied at summer at their grandparants and
neither did I, but unlike them, I could not decide for myself.

I spend a week there with my parents and then they went home.
I had to be there for two more weeks. I was not alone there.
The oldest of my cousins had already gotten children of their own,
and so my company was a 5 year old girl and two 3 year old boys.

But then my cousin Jane arrived, send by her parents. My grandparents
hadn’t told me that she would come, and they didn’t seem to happy

Jane was my favourite cousin. She was 18 back then, and I hadn’t seen
her for two years or so. When we were children she always teased me, and
always seemed to be glued to her.

This summer was the first time I looked at her with the eyes of a young
man, rather than a boy. She was in a way quite ordinary to look at.
She had brown hair, down to the shoulders and her face was sort of

But I was young and curious and her presence was enough to get me exited.
The day she arrived the wore jeans and white thin shirt, through
which it was possible to see that she didn’t wear a bra to
cover her small breasts.

Time went faster, now that I had some company and my grandparents mood
also improved as the days went by. I spend a lot of time with Jane and
we talked about a lot of things. She told me about her boyfriend
who had walked out on her, then she silenced. I could feel that
it was a subject which she was not prepared to discuss.

I told her about my girlfriend, and what I done with them, she laughed
at me, and told me about when she was 14.

It was a late night, my grandparents had already gone to bed, we were
sitting on the porch, drinking cola and talking, she told me
about her first time. She had been 15 and the guy was 16 and it
was not the most succesfull experience. Then she told why she had come.
Her boyfriend, who had left her, had left because she was pregnant.
She told me, she’d been so happy when she found out, and because
she really loved the guy, and she would like to have a family.
But he had said that he wasn’t prepared for such an commitment and
left her. Then she had decided to come here, to sort out her feelings
She wasn’t sure whether she would keep the baby or not.

I didn’t know what to say, I couldn’t think of any words that could
comfort her in any way. So I just put my arm around her and she leaned
over to me, kissed me on the chin.

She asked me, if I would like to make love to her. I looked at her –
stunned. What was she saying? I just nodded my head and we went to her
bedroom. We undressed and I stood for a while just looking at her, not
knowing what to do. She came over to me and kissed me, then she took my hand
and got down on the bed. I got down beside her, and she lay me on my back.
She climbed on top of me, and lay so I could feel her breasts on my body
and the edge of my cock could just feel her pussy. She kissed me more, and
I stroked her back, touching her butt, feeling her breasts. With her hand
she guided my cock inside her, and it was a great feeling. It didn’t last
long because I came almost instantly. I was a bit embarressed, but she
just smiled and said it was ok. We made love some more that night and the
other times lasted longer.

There was a week left, before I would leave. That week we spend together.
We made love in the barn, in the forest, down by the creek – that was
where I got my first blow job, in her bed.Everywhere. We also continued
our talks and we talked about the little baby she carried inside.

But after a week of love making I had to go home. She drove me to the
station and kissed me goodbye. I felt a bit sad leaving her, because I knew
that it would never happen again. Not like this.

Jane didn’t keep the child. She got an abortion and finished school. i didn’t
see her again until I was 17. It was a brief encounter. She was on her way
to Europe and would spend the night with my family. I sneaked into her room
and we made love again, but the innocence was gone.

The next time I saw her, was when she returned home, a year later. Now fully
a woman I didn’t feel comfortable with her. And she didn’t seem to mind, that
I didn’t come to her room.

Since then I haven’t seen her, I know she got married – so did I. But I think
about her almost every day, and I would like to see her again.

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