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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My first time happened when I was 13. One day my mother and
David (thats her boyfriend) decided that they would go away
for the weekend and mum organised for my cousin Paul to
babysit me. I was annoyed at this because I was old enough
to look after myself but two girls my age had been raped at
home in the neighbourhood recently so I can understand why
mum was nervous about leaving me home alone.

Anyway, Mum and David waited until Paul (who was 19 at the
time) turned up, said goodbye to us and left. Paul ordered
pizza for dinner since he couldnt be bothered cooking and
after that he invited one of his friends (I cant remember
his name but he was cute like Paul) around. After dinner we
were all in the lounge playing a car racing game that Paul
had hired on the playstation and Paul’s friend suggested
that they should watch a movie. Paul said I should go
upstairs and do something while they watch it because its
one of the ones I don’t like (I though it was a horror
movie) so I did.

About half an hour later I came downstairs to get a glass of
juice, looked at the television and saw that they were
actually watching a porno movie. I had never watched a porno
movie before so I was quite curious about them. I saw down
beside Paul on the couch and Paul grinned and told me I was
too young for this sort of thing but I just ignored him and
kept watching.

About 10 minutes later his friend decided that he should be
going and left but the movie wasn’t finished so me and Paul
kept watching it. The movie finished and Paul asked me if I
wanted to watch another one and since I was starting to get
excited I said yes and he put one in which turned out to be
even better than the first one. By this time I was feeling
pretty horny and I decided to fake tiredness so I would
have an excuse to go to bed early and masturbate.

I didn’t bother having the shower I usually have before bed
because I really wanted to masturbate quite bad and was
just about running up the stairs. When I got into my room I
took off all my clothes as quickly as I could, jumped into
bed and started rubbing down below really quickly. After a
minute or two I heard a little grunt from the door and
looked up to see Paul standing there with his dick in his
hand having a wank. Normally I would think “yuck” if I saw
something like this but I was really horny and well you know
how it is.

Anyway, I stared at Paul and he looked shocked for a few
seconds but then he asked me if I wanted to do what they
were doing in the movies. I was a bit nervous about it but
I said yes so Paul came in, got undressed and hopped into
bed with me and jumped straight on top of me. This must
have looked quite funny because I was 5 foot 3 inches, quite
skinny and with small titties but Paul was well over 6 foot
and had the build of a rugby player.

Paul parted my legs with his and shoved his dick straight
into me as hard as he could. This hurt a hell of a lot and I
screamed reallt loudly. Paul froze, asked me if I was
alright and I told him to wait a moment so the pain could go
down so he did and then started trying to do it to me like
the people on the movies did. To each other, I mean.

A couple of minutes later I was feeling really bloody good,
like, my whole body was this massive pleasure zone and even
when I thought it couldn’t get any better it did. Suddenly
I tensed up and let out the biggest orgasm scream Ive ever
done. This was so much better than mastubating. I couldn’t
believe how good it was or how long it went for. This seemed
to get Paul quite excited and a few more minutes later he
came inside me which felt really good when it twitched.

We kept going like this for another two hours or so until
we were worn out and then went to sleep in each others arms.
It was kinda romantic. In the morning I woke up and found
that my sheets were covered in blood but I didn’t care. I
didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant either since I
was on the pill (yes, at the age of 13) in order to regulate
my period. When she saw the bloody sheets on sunday when she
got back she asked me what had happened and I said I got my
period again so she took me to the doctor the next day to
get a higher strength pill.

Nobody ever found out about this, me and Paul continue to do
it together although I’ve had sex with other people since.
We tried anal once but it hurt too much and I even had a
threesome with Paul and another girl when I got drunk but
thats another story. (I might write about it on here some
other time hehehe)

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