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Cousin Patti

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: my bedroom floor
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was 14 and about as horny as a guy could get, and remembering back I guess the way I finaly lost my cherry was about as nice as a guy could want.I hadn’t really had much contact with the oposite sex. There was a little blonde neighbor girl who lived down the block, named Nancy who seemed to like me and when we both were 13 we managed to get alone a few evenings, and Nancy taught me how to french kiss,and she must have had a good teacher for she was pretty good at it. More than one night I would go home with a bulge in the front of my pants, then lay in bed later and jack off thinking of the things I wished I had had nerve enough to do with Nancy. It was Nancy’s small firm tits I first felt, first through her blouse, then when we got a little bolder, inside her loosened bra. Nancy had seemed to love what we did, and I’m sure she had to feel my hard on pushed against her, but we never went any farther, and I have always regreted it. But I was dumb about girls then, I knew what I wanted but didn’t have nerve enough to go after it.
After Nancy there was Jenifer another neighbor girl, this time a dark haired little cutie. Jenifer was a little older, I guess she was 14 when we got together. We used to stand in the dark behind her house and neck, and I had her pretty hot a couple of times. Jenifer had titties that were a little bigger than Nancy’s had been, and she seemed to love them played with. I didn’t dissappoint her, for I loved her soft warm tit-flesh in my hands. One night Jenifer was a little more arroused than before, and I was a little bolder than usual, and she let me slip my hand down the front of her shorts and into her panties. For the first time my fingers found her very wet puffed pussy lips and she moaned against my ear as I touched it. I was able to wiggle a finger into her tight little hole and as I rubbed over her little clit Jenifer moaned even more and her hips were pushing at my finger.
That was the extent of my sexual experiences until the night of the party. I was 14 and my parents had this big party,and I can’t remember the occasion now.I was only interested in the fact that my Aunt Carol and Uncle Dick were there with My Cousin Patti. Patti was a year older than me and 15 at the time. I had been having the hots for Patti for as long as I could remember. She was a fairly tall Blonde with shoulder length hair and a body tha a lot of grown womwen envied. Along with a very pretty face and smile, Patti was the object of my dreams. Many nights I lay jacking off thinking of Patti and remembering some little glimpse of her lush body I may have seen. I remember once about a year before the party Patti had stayed at our house for some reason and I had been lucky enough to catch a look at Patti in Just a Bra and Panties through a half open door, and that had been the image in my mind a lot of nights in my bed.
Sleeping was a problem the night of the party, and it had been detirmined that I would give up my room, on the second floor of our house, to Patti and they had put a twin sized mattress on the floor where Patti’s little brother Skip would sleep. Skip was 12,and a pain to be around, but just the thought that pretty Patti would be in my bed, made me more than willing to be sent to the basement to sleep on an old Army cot.
The party was going strong about mid-night and I heard Patti tell her mother she was going upstairs and shower and go to bed. Aunt Carol had always been one of my favorite people and always treated me real good. Skip had taken off with some boys his age and wasn’t around and I guess I looked a little lost after Patti went upstairs. Aunt Carol came over to me and put her arm aruond me, which I loved. Aunt Carol Had a fabulous body, and when she hugged me those big tits pressed against my face and I couldn’t help it, I started to feel my cock thicken in my pants. It wasn’t the first time Aunt Carol had given me a hard-on. I remember feeling guilty about it at first, but later on would jack off at night thinking about a contact I had had with those big titties. Aunt Carol said that if I wanted to go to bed that I didn’t have to wait for the party to end and the basement to clear, that she would send Skip to the basement when he got home and I could sleep on the matress in my room if I wanted. Then she said ” I guess we can trust you and Patti in the same room, can’t we.” I had to bite my tongue not to tell her the truth, and try to hide my delight at her suggestion. She went up to tell Patti of the change and I went up to the bathroom to change into my Pajamas, which in the summertime were only a pair of short nylon shorts. When I got to my room I rapped on the door and Patti said come in. When I did she asked me to lock the door behind me, “So no one will come barging in ” she said, and I didn’t mind locking the dooor with her in there with me.
I got under the blanket on the matress and all was silent for a few moments, then Patti began to speak softly, thanking me for giving up my bed to her and just making small talk at first, then she turned onto her side and was looking over the edge of the bed at me laying below her on the matress. When she did the front of her pajama top gapped away and I was looking up at the top half of her lovely tits. It was the most of Patti’s tits I had ever seen and I felt my cock begin to swell as I looked. She stayed like that for awile, while she talked to me and Patti began to ask all sort of questions about my life, and she told me how she always thought of me as her favorite cousin and how she liked it because I always treated her nice.
Then Patti surprised me by saying “This isn’t very comfortable, Can I come down and lay next to you Matt?” Could she? man I could hardly beleive it when she got out of the bed and slid under the balnket next to me. Patti at once said ” I hope you don’t get the wrong idea Matt, I don’t want to do anything, I hope you won’t try.” I assured her I wouldn’t do anything she did’t want. She then turned a little towards me causing her bare leg to press against mine, saying ” I knew I could trust you Matt, that’s why you’re my favorite” and she she put a quick kiss on my forehead, and I liked that.
With her leg still against mine she started talking again and she began to ask me all kinds of questions about any girlfriends I had, and when I told her I didn’t have one she said she didn’t have a boyfriend either. The more she talked the more personal the questions became and it seemed more and more of her leg was pressed against mine, and I was glad for the semi-dark room to hide the hard-on I had pushing up on the blanket.When Patti turned onto her side facing me I also turned to face her and we were so close I could feel her warm breath on my face, and our legs were now togrther all along up to our hips. I knew if she moved just a little closer She would be able to feel my hard-on. “I like being close to you Matt, I hope you don’t mind?” she asked and I told her I liked being close to her too. Patti began to ask more questions and asked if I had ever Kissed a girl. When I said I had there was a pause and she asked if I would show her because she had never kissed a guy before.
I will never forget that first contact, when at her request I moved my lips to hers and kissed her for the first time. She was probably telling the truth and she hadn’t kissed a guy before, while it was probably the sweetest kiss I have ever had, I knew she was new at it and it was a bit awkward at first. She seemed to catch on quickly though, and when I kept my mouth on hers for a second kiss this time she opened her lips taking my tongue inside and after awile she let me suck her tongue into my mouth.
“That was so nice Matt, I’m glad it was you who showed my how.” she said, her breathing quick.I had dreamed of being this close to my pretty cousin for so long I wasn’t going to let this chance go buy and since she had said she liked it I moved my lips to hers again. This time Patti’s lips opened at once and we were kissing strong and long as our tongue’s carressed. I felt Patti come against me and I knew she had to feel my hard cock now, and when her arm came up to hold my shoulder I slipped my arm over her and pulled her even closer to me.
“Oh Matt you make me feel so wonderfull. I never knew kissing someone special could feel so good.” she said with her breath coming short.”It’s special because you are. ” I told her, and I realized I was breathing heavy also.Patti was still pressed tight to me and wasn’t trying to pull away and after a few moments she said softly “Matt, I think I’ve made you hard.” ” I’m like that a lot when I’m around you.” I told her. ” I never knew. Oh Matt I hope you don’t think I’m awfull, I swear I didn’t come down here to lead you on, I never expected I would Kiss you.” she said.”I don’t think bad of you Patti, I’ve admired you and thought you were the prettiest girl I knew for a long time.” I admittedt to her.
Still hugging each other close and with my rock hard cock still pushed against her belly, we kissed again,long and very deep. “Matt your such a wonderfull guy, I was a little afraid of how you would touch me when I came down here, now I hope you will touch me all over. I can’t help it, I’ve never done anything before but lately I can’t help the feelings I have been having in my body, now I just want you to let them all out.” she told me breathlessly.
I could hardly beleive all my dreams of being with Patti were now coming true as she allowed me to lay her back on the matress and we kissed several more time as i filled my hands with those lovely large tits and she gasped and moaned in pleasure as I squeesed and petted them. “Matt honey I want you .” she whispered, and when I took her hand and moved it down to my hard cock, she said “Yes this.” as she held it in her soft hand .
We got up on our knees to get our pajamas off, and even in the dim light I will never forget the first view I had of a naked Patti. She let me lay her back on the matress again and this time I lay half over her we now we were both naked and she gasped in pleasure as I ran my hands over her soft warm naked skin. When my fingers found her very wet pussy she let out a loud gasp and whispered to me. “Oh matt I never thought I would say this to any guy until I was married, but I want you Matt, I need you inside me.”
When I moved over her naked young body Patti was reaching to hold me to her and I didn’t need to guide my cock to her waiting pussy, without my hand or hers on it my cock found it’s way to her pussy and when I pushed forward it began to slip into her very well lubricated hole. God it was tight and I had some doubt for a moment if it would ever go into her. Patti was into it now, and pushing up to meet my cock and we both felt the resistance as my cock head pressed against he cherry. I could hear her little whimpers and see the pain on her face and I knew I was hurting her. “Patti do you want me to stop?” I asked her, not really wanting to. “Oh Matt honey just push hard please.’
she said in a voice I’d never heard from her before.
Then in another instant we both pushed hard and I felt her cherry break and I could hardly beleive it was happening and I was actually all the way inside a girl, and not just any girl, my lovely Cousin I’d dreamed of for so long. Patti was crying softly and I felt real bad, but when I tried to sooth her, she whispered for me not to worry. “Just go slow Matt I’ll be Ok, It feels better already” she said.Slowly, at first, we began to move together, and I was surprised and pleased that Patti was fucking with me . Before long Patti was bucking her hips harder and harder at each of the thrusts I made into her wonderfull body and I wanted to pinch myself to be sure I was at long last actually fucking and Patti seemed to be loving every thrust as she answered wih a thrust of her own.
We had been fucking for several minuites and our bodies were covered with our sweat as Patti clutched herself hard to me, crushing her lovely big tits against my chest, when all of a sudden she cried out in a loud voice “Oh Matt somethings happening, Oh God YES” she cried out and her whole body began to tremble and buck wildly under me.I had never made a girl Cum before but I knew that’s what Patti was feeling and I felt really proud that I could give her that. It was only a few moments later that I had to let go and my balls began to pump my white hot load of Cum deep into her still moving pussy.
We colapsed together and after awhile turned so we were facing, our bodies still joined. When she had recovered some breath to speak Patti began to whisper to me how wonderfull Sex had been for her, when I whispered back that it had been my first time too, she hugged me tight and told me she had never even thought about having Sex when she had come to bed, but was so happy her mom had come and said that I would be sleeping in her room. We lay clutched naked togetherfor a long time and I couldn’t stop it, being that close to her I began to get hard again, and Patti could feel it. “Matt,could you, I mean would you like to do it again?” she asked. My answer was to roll her onto her back again and slip my now rock hard cock again deep into her hot pussy ” Oh Matt Yes, Yes “she whispered hoarsly against my ear, and we began to fuck a second time.
Patti told me she had been thinking of sex for some time and was very happy she had done it with me and the 15 year old blonde just couldn’t get enough once we had started. We didn’t get much sleep that night. I am amazed now at how many times I could get it up that night and once she had let her hair down Patti was eager to try several positions she had heard her girl friends talk about. I really liked doing her Doggie style, and she loved it too. We were pretty whipped out by morning, and I think my Aunt Carol knew when she put her arm around me in the kitchen and gave me a little hug saying ” I hope the party noise didn’t keep you and Patti awake too much last night.”
Patti and I never repeated that night and I haven’t fucked her again, though I would if I ever got the chance and I think Patti would too, even though she is married now and seems to love her husband Ron a lot. Often when we are together and no one is looking Patti will give my hand a tight squeeze. The only time we had together was about a month after the party when we were visiting at her place. Her folks and mine were in the next room while Patti and I watched TV on the couch. No one could see so I began to rub her pussy through her cotton shorts, and after awhile Patti began to rub my hard-on through my pants. We both got pretty steamed and Patti whispered for me to watch the door and she unzipped my pants extracting my throbbing hard cock. Then to my surprise she leaned her head into my lap and took my cock into her hot mouth. She whispered to me that she had never done that before but had wanted to for me. It was a wonderfull feeling when I shot off into her mouth and Patti swallowed my Cum down her throat. Later when her folks and mine had gone to bed but her brat of a brother was stll up, we still couldn’t fuck, though Patti had said she wanted to. I was able, with her watching, to slide off the couch and pushing her shorts and panties aside from the leg, get at her very wet pussy. It was the only time in my life, before or since, that I ate pussy, but I loved tongueing Patti’s hole. and I made her Cum on my tongue.
That was the last contact sexually I have had with Patti. I know this story is long, but I had to give all the details so maybe it would seem as erotic and good to you as I remember it. A very true story, and to all who my read this before your first time, I only hope you have a cousin as wonderfull as my Patti, and enjoy your first time as much. Good luck

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