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Cousin sister

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Age when it happend: 23
Where it happened: my rented room
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

This happened some years ago. I was staying and working in London. My girlfriend was a Malaysian Indian and we’ve been going out for 3 years. All the time I was with her the only thing that she allowed me to do was oral sex. I kept on asking her for it but she said that she wasn’t to have sex on our special day that means marriage days…aiks I didn’t think that far…..in the relationship. Anyway my cousin sis also came to England to study and was staying near to my place. One time the both gals and me were at my place and we were drinking and chit chatting about many thing. The topic of sex didn’t came up at all. My bedroom was kinda small and we had to sleep on the floor that night. I was already high and both the gals were drunk. When we got to bed I was sleeping in the middle…how lucky of me…this cousin sis of mine is very pretty with the right size breast and lovely body. Well halfway I woke up and had this really strong hard on. I turned and faced my cousin sis and slowly placed my hand on her night tee and moved my hand into her night tee to grip her breast. She moved a bit and was half awake. I thought she is going to stop me but she didn’t…I got a bit more brave. After squeezing her breast I moved my hand down to her pussy. Slit my hand into her shorts and was fingering her. My god she was so wet. I took her hand and put in on my cock…thank my lucky stars that my girlfriend was so sound asleep. She started to give me a hand job and I was fingering her like there is no tomorrow. She had one orgasm that night and she was so quiet with a pillow in her face..soon I too cummed and that was good her hands were wet with cum I saw her licking her hand ….we slept of then. I didn`t have enough I wanted to fuck her….

Well the next day my gf woke up and got ready to go to work……hw lucky I was again…this time I want to fuck her. It was afternoon and the both of us was in the room..I was rubbing myself and she was reading something on the bed she didn`t notice me doing it. I went up to her and started holding her hands and rubbing her palm I made her to lye down. She was a bit reluctant but I insisted to her. I started to kiss her and she was like pushing me away. I thought last night she was a bitch and now trying to act innocent, I didn`t give a damm. I unzipped her jeans pulled it halfway down and took her panties down. She kept on saying she don’t want to do and was trying to push me away. With one hand on her shoulders pinning her down I pulled my shorts down my cock was so hard that it was dripping wet. I tried to put it in her but she didn’t open up I told her to open she was reluctant yet she still did it. If you guys and gals know ….it will be really hard to fuck her with her pants half way down so I tried a few times but I just couldn’t find her pussy hole. I told her to help me..asked her to hold my cock and guide it inside her, she did and then I was in heaven so this is what it feels like to fuck someone, mind you my cousin sis was not a virgin. I fucked her but not even 5 mins I already wanted to cum I took my cock out and before I do anything my cum spilled on her haha..it was fun to watch. She just got up and went to the toilet. I cleaned up and she didn`t want to talk to me later…well after a while we started back talking….well from then on we didn’t talk much or chatted a lot a few years passed we started to chat and one thing lead to another and before we knew it we were couples and I fucked her for that period. Well now she`s married to someone else and so I`m married also. Mind you my gf found out about it and we broke up a year later…

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