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Cousin&Auntie Mary

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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: Aunt's home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Family visits are mosting boring when you are young and would rather be hanging out with your frineds. That was not the case during a boyhood visit to southern California.

We had no sooner piled out of the car at Aunt Mary Alice’s house when I spotted the backyard swing. The believed that swinging back and forth under the shade of the tree would be the best way to cool off after being cramped up in the car for most of the morning.

Cousin Gloria came out as soon as she noticed me swinging back and forth under the tree. I can still remember the long white skirt she was wearing that hot summer day.

Soon she had joined me on the swing and we were talking and laughing as we went back and forth. She was sitting astraddle of me and facing me when I felt my cock harden and begin to press against her tummy.

Gloria had me stop the swing for a moment as she repositioned herself over my lap. I grinned as I watched her raise her skirt exposing the cutest red haired twat I have ever seen.. Before she sat again on my lap she opened my fly and eased my cock from its resting place.

Aah! she said as she again settled into my lap. As we contined swinging beneath the tree I could feel her lift and drop her body again and again atop of my cock.

GLoria let out a moan as I felt a wetness splash over my cock. At the same time her whole body tighten. I though her hold on my cock would never end.

With her still grasping my cock tightly between her legs I felt my body tighten and felt juices spurt from my cock.

Thank you. Thank you. she said as she leaned back in the swing and felt the our juices mix in her tummy.

After awhile my cock softened and eased out of her snatch. As she stopped the swing and said we should go inside, I noticed the front of my shorts stained with moisture and blood.

She took me in the back door and up the stairs while the rest of our families chatted in the living room.

Next she handed me a pair of clean shorts to put on. I remember her telling me that we must not discuss what we had done with anyone else.

We again went downstairs and again returned to the swing. This time I remained on the ground and stood behind Gloria giving her a push every now and then.

We were soon called into the house to sit down for dinner.
There was the normal idle chatter around the table that night. During the conversation at one point Aunt Mary Alice asked if I had a swing at home.

I remember replying that mine wasn’t as fun to play on as Cousin Gloria’s. When my Aunt asked me the difference I must had turned red all over. My reply back to her was that we had a lot of rain up north.

Something strange happened the next morning. Everyone was gone from the house except for me and my Aunt.

I remember asking her where everyone was and that her reply was they had gone to the beach. Next she asked me to tell her exactly what had happened between Gloria and me on the swing.

When I told her that Gloria had raised her skirt and pressed my cock up inside of her my Aunt immediately asked me to go upstairs.

It was what happened next that really surprised me.

She followed me up the stairs and into the bedroom. Next she had me face her as she bent done and undid my slacks.

Once she had totally stripped me she had me take off her clothes. I can still remember undoing her blouse and unhooking her bra. As I tossed it aside I was amazed at the size and firness of her breasts.

Next she had me lie down on the bed on my back. She mounted me much like Gloria had mounted me on the swing.

I felt her guide my fully erect cock into her pussy. It wasn’t as tight as my cousin’s. As she bobbed back and forth over my cock her breasts swayed above me. I reached out and teased the nipples before beginning to suckle them one at a time.

Aunt Mary Alice soaked my cock with her juices and then tumbled atop of me breathless. As she laid there she told me that she had never had such great sex.

I grinned and held her tightly and told her she was beautiful.. While still holding her, I reached one had down towards her buttocks and accidently brushed her anus.
She kissed me fully on the mouth and told me that she had never been taken that way.

When I asked her what she meant she told me that she had never had a cock up her ass.

I though I had done something wrong as she quickly left the room. As I laid there thinking of the fun I had just had I didn’t hear her return.

She had something in her hand that looked like a alka selzer package. I watched as she carefully opened the package and pulled out a funny looking balloon.

She had me sit on the side of the bed as she bend forward and began sucking my cock. I was amazed that she could take my entire cock into her mouth. My eyes sort of crossed each time she sucked on it buriedall the way inside her mouth.

Next she worked the rubber over the head of my cock and unrolled it till it entirely encased my cock.

With me now prepared for a plunge up her ass hole with this funny balllon over my cock I felt it was time to do a little oral foreplay of my own on my Aunt.

I bend down behind her and slowly lapped my tongue up one thigh and then up the other. She really wenr wild when I parted her buttocks and lapped my tongue down towards her butt.

I was really getting worked up and decided that I had to leave my mark on her. With that though in mind I kissed her hard on one buttocks cheek and then sucked real hard to leave a hickey.

Next I bend down and guided my cock towards her butt hole. I used my knees to spread her legs wide apart and then sent my manhood into this unknown place.

As I pressed hard up against Aunt Mary Alice’s butt hole she resisted my approach. Thrust after thrust was rejected.

Soon I decided to just hold my cock stready against her and massage her breasts hoping that she would relax enough for me to slip inside.

I felt the technique working and I was soon halfway up her ass hole. As I continued squeezing her nipples I felt them harden.

By now I had worked my way fully up her rectum and began making gentle strokes back and forth.

Aunt Mary Alice was enjoying the feeling and had interupponly long enough to place a pillow beneath her tummy. She had also moved more off the bed so I could reach beneath her tummy and finger her cunt.

Aunt Mary ALice now began begging me to hump her harder and harder. Of course I met her request.

I was plugging away up her rump as I had two finger busy probbing her clit when she let out a scream and bathed my fingers with juices.

I next lapped up her juices from one finger as I had her turn over on to her back. Once she was resituated I had her lap the juice from my other finger as I told her she tasted wonderful.

She only moaned more as she felt me bury my tongue into her twat and begin lapping at her clit. My tongue was everywhere and Aunt Mary Alice was bucking so hard in the bed that I though she would toss me off any minute.

I continued eating her yummy twat while hearing her pleas for me to stop. It was really funny hearing her pussy snap each time I sucked it real hard and then broke the seal of my lips.

I next whipped off the spent rubber from my cock, mounted Aunt Mary Alice, and began the ride of my life. My cock easlied slipped between the lips of her twat and before I knew was happening, Aunt Mary ALice had her legs wrapped tightly around my body.

Somehow I managed to contine thrusting my cock harder and harder up her twat as she began milking my cock.

Sweat was pouring from both of us when she finally released her hold from around my waist.

She began thanking me for making such wonderful love to her when I promptly annonced that I wasn’t done yet!!!

She had a surprised look on her face when I flipped her over onto her tummy and spread her legs apart. Once I had the pillow again beneath her tummy, I told her that she had a sexy body.

Her buttocks looked so inviting that I again grasped each one and gave them a tight squeeze. Next I took up my position and homed my cock back into her cunt.

I was funny that I just happened to glace at the clock. We had been screwing for almost two hours. I bwgan humping her from the rear mounted position when I asked her when the others would be back. She glanced at the clock and told me me had another three hours at least if we needed then.

I humped her harder and harer as I told her that we just might need all three hours.

After climaxing twice in this position I felt tired and flopped down next to Aunt Mary Alice. I remember tonguing her mouth as I probbed her cunt with my fingers.

Later when I awoke I found my aunt sucking on my manhood.

I asked if I could eat her while she gave me this please and she quickly flipped over onto her back and parted her leggs.

I was head to toe with her and enjoyig lapping at her snatch as she brought me back to a full erection.

I eased my manhood from her mouth and again mounted her. This time I begged her just to lie still. I told her that I wanted to see if I could bring a woman to pleasure without outside help.

She obeyed me and just laid there as I humped her for thirty striaght minutes. As sweet was pouring from my body I felt hers tighten. Over the next seven minutes Aunt Mary Alice climaxed nine times.

Each time before she splashed her juices over my cock her whole body would tighten and then she would go into uncontrolled reflexes.

Somehow I managed to keep my cock deeply inserted up her cunt to enjoy the experience.

I fell exhausted atop Aunt Mary Alice.

The next thing I remembered was my Cousin Gloria awakening me and asking If I wanted to join her on the swing!

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