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Cousin’s Learning to Fuck

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Age when it happend: 8
Where it happened: Cousin's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My first time was a very different first time. I was s old when it happened, and I much older now. The person I fucked with was my older male cousin named “Stephen”. He at the time. The whole incident was kind of a mistake. I had just learned about sex from my mom and was itching to try it. Meanwhile, my younger female cousin named “Elizabeth” who at the time had just learned about sex too. She and I loved to annoy her older brother and we did this in many ways. One of our favorites we called “Butt Showing Time.” We did Butt Showing Time by pulling down our pants and mooning Stephen. One day, while we were upstairs in the family room, and our parents were downstairs, Elizabeth and I did Butt Showing Time to Stephen. While we were mooning him, he told us to turn around. When we did, he had his jeans around his ankles and his astounding seven inch dick was limp hanging between his legs. This was the first time that Elizabeth or I had ever seen a real live dick. We were shell-shocked and just stood there. Then, Stephen started handling his penis and it started to become hard. Then he asked Elizabeth and I whether we wanted to touch it. We both said yes and I touched his dick first. It was rather soft but was growing hard very rapidly. I started rubbing it and Stephen started moaning. Then Elizabeth started to rub it and we were both awestruck at the beautiful sight of his dick. Me, being the daredevil I was at the point, pulled down my pants too and dared Stephen to touch between my legs with his dick. He obeyed and he let his dick touch me for a good ten s. While this was going on, an electrifying feeling was enveloping my body. Then it was Elizabeth’s turn and she moaned slightly. Next, I dared Stephen to stick his stick up my hole like I had seen in the book my mom had given me on sex. He asked me if I was sure and I replied yes. Then he walked over to me and tried to stick his now completely hard dick up my pussy. He couldn’t while we were both standing up so he helped me lie down on the hard wood floor. Then Elizabeth walked over to me so she could watch her brother fuck me. She helped hold my legs back so her brother could approach me with his dick. Then, the tip of his stick started caressing the area near my pussy. He found my clitoris and started rubbing it. I started moaning and convulsing and quickly came, spewing only a little cum on the floor. Then Stephen started moaning and quickly found my vagina and quickly pushed his dick quickly up my hole, all the way in. Right at that moment, his cum spewed all over the inside of me, causing me to come to an orgasm again. Stephen then started thrusting in and out of me rapidly. He did this for a good five minutes until he came again. Amazingly, there was no pain or bleeding for me. Then he pulled his soaking wet cock out of me. My cousin Elizabeth was looking at me in rapt interest. She said that she wanted to try sex later, but not right now. Later, as we were sleeping in the same room I told her all the details. I found out in about a month that she had done it in bed with Stephen and she had enjoyed it as much as I had. Nothing has ever come of that fuck session but I would love to do it again if I could.

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