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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: In the woods
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

At first I was embarassed when a local schoolgirl started
hanging around me.She was only 14 but at that age two years
seems like a lifetime.Bernie was always waiting for me after
school and I would walk home with her,I began to notice that
she was very sexy,she always wore her school skirt too short
and she had a hot young body.
So I decided forget what my mates think and one summer
evening we walked home through the local woods.We stopped for
a talk in a clearing and she told me that she had been
chatting to some of my ex girlfriends about our sexual
encounters,she said that I was the talk of her class
cos one girl had found out how much cum I could
shoot.At the time I could do 9 or 10 good spurts.
I told Bernie she could wank me off,when I saw her small
hands pumping my cock I nearly shot my load!I took off her
school shirt and tie and got my hands on her hot firm tits.
My hand slipped under her pleated skirt and into her panties
her cunt was tight but wet.I pulled her panties off and started
licking her cunt,she came in a few minutes.I stuck a finger inside
and frigged her tight virgin pussy.
Now I wanted to fuck her tight creamy hole but I had no condom!
I promised her I would pull out and forced my cock up her tight
cunt.I felt the hyman give and I had it,virginity gone for both
of us.She started thrusting back and I rammed up her as she
begged for more.Needless to say I only lasted a few minutes,
I pulled out and she wanked me hard sperm shot out first on
her tits and then in her face she was covered in cum,it was all
over her pretty face.She then suprised me be scooping the sperm
with her fingers and licking them.
Her school uniform was covered in cum stains,and she had a big smile
on her face!!
After that I thought forget what my mates think and we went out together
for the next four years.We did a few other”first times” and I may share
them with you!!?

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