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Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: living room
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

it was a rainy evening. All cold outside and hot inside..very hot inside!! My parents were out that day and i had to take care of my baby brother. He’s 2 years old. I was so hungry that i ordered Pizza from our nearest Pizza Parlour. 20minutes later, the pizza delivery guy came…my god..he was drop dead gorgeous!!!his pale blue eyes and curly hair and swimmer like body turned me on instantly..I greeted him with a sensious smile and unbuttoned the first two knits of my tight fitting sleeveless top till he could see my black pinkish bra. gosh.. i felt sexy!! and i caught him staring at my firm sexy boobs.. i offered him to come in my house.He dropped the pizza on the floor..My baby brother was sleeping. He was so high that he pulled me close to him. I could feel his chest agaisnt my breast. He wrapped his hands around mine.. I could feel his hand going to my back and unbuttoning the hook of my bra. in just a few minutes, we were both naked. I could say that he is a REAL man. We kissed so hard and it was getting really hot. i felt all wet. he laid me on the dining table..a place where i always wanted to do!! so wild and horny that it turned me on.. i held his cock tight and started stroking it..slowly..slowly..fast..faster.. i could hear him moaning in pleasure. He held my breast.. he started fondling with it and licking..he started off with my belly button to tits and then gently sucking my nipples and my whole breast. it was so good. i mourned in pleasure.”aaaahhh” “oooohhhhuuuhhhhh”..
i went down and started doing him. he took me up and starting inserting his dick into mine.. the first few stroke was painful but gentle.. after a while, he started stroking it harder..i was so high that i cummed..i erected so badly that it nearly wet my dining table cloth.
He then continues stroking harder and finally cummed. he cummed into my mouth and all over my face. the best part was that he cummed onto my ass and my tits.. he licked me all over before leaving..

“ting-tong”….the door bell rang.. the pizza guy came, handed the pizza,i smiled,unbuttoned the first two knits of my blouse……………………….but………………. he left… and i sighed and slammed the door

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