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Cum fest

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Age when it happend: In my room
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Ok so I’m a virgin I’m 32 and I’m married I had gone tithe grocery store and I just came back when I walked in my husband didn’t know I had gotten back so when I went into my room he was right there stroking his massive cock then he caught sight of me, I was so shocked and when he saw me he got up and apologized he didn’t know I was watching so I just said it’s ok so when we were going to sleep I leaned over putting my arm around him and by accident I grabbed his cocked I immediately apologized then he turned me over and started kissing me down my neck at first I tried to push away but then I liked it. Slowly it progressed next thing I know my shirt was up and he was sucking my nipples I didn’t know what we were doing but when he pulled out his massive cock I then realized we were about to have sex, I was really scared but then he reassured me he pulled off my underwear and started licking my vagina . He then started rubbing my Clint he then inserted his cock into my vagina and he popped my cherry it really hurt the pain soon subsided and he started going faster and faster . After we were done which was about 1 hour later I turned around and went to sleep. A week after we found out I was pregnant we were so excited it was the best thing ever!

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