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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I remember it was right after school had gotten for the summer.Two girls from my neighbor hood invited me to come over and go swimming with them. It was a very hot afternoon so the pool was the only place to be. Little did i know just how satisfying that afternoon would turn out to become.
After a couple of hours of playing around in the pool we decided to go inside and watch some television. Both these girls were 14 years old and the subject of sex came up while we were watching TV. They first started talking about how they have not seen a live penis up close. Jennifer, whose house we were hanging out at, said she had seen a couple of pictures of penises and had felt one underneth some guys pants but had never examined one. I asked her how did it feel when you touched it? And she said that it was felt like the size of her little pinky finger. Then Jennifer’s friend, Heather said that she had only rubbed a penis over the guy’s clothes. They then started talking about what cum looked and tasted like, because one of Jennifer’s friends from school had made a guy cum and said it tasted like sour milk. At that moment playing around with Jennifer I pulled the bottom part of her bathing suit down to where i saw her muff and quickly snapped them back in place. She started saying now that you have seen mine i get to see yours. Heather quickly agreed and then asked to see my penis as well.
At that moment Heather came over and sat next to me. I already had my shirt off because we had just come from the pool. She started rubbing on chest and then asked me to stand up. After I stood up Jennifer came over and the both of them started taking my swim suit off. I could feel my prick just getting real hard and they could see it growing through my bathing suit. As my shorts dropped to the ground they both grabbed my cock and started to feel my balls. Jennifer remarked how fucken big it was, she said I can’t even get my whole hand around it. Heather went to the kitchen and brought back a ruler. It felt like I was being examined by aliens. Heather measured it at 7.5 inches long and 3 inches wide, not round just wide. They then started taking off their clothes and before long we were skinning dipping in the pool. We then got out of the pool and laid out on the lawn chairs in the nude. They both laid beside me and touched, rubbed, even licked my cock and at that point i thought i was going to explode. I started rubbing on Jennifer’s tits and she started jerking my dick and it was obvious she had never done this before. Heather not to be out done went one step farther and put my cock in her mouth and started to suck on it. As Jennifer rubbed my balls Heather put more and more of my cock in her mouth until more than half had disappeared. As she came up for air, Jennifer quickly jumped on and started sucking my dick like she would a lollipop. It was too much for me to handle and I creamed all over Jennifer’s face without warning. I started to apologize but she loved it she started licking it off her hands and lips. As cum glistened off the head of my cock Heather wanted a taste and started licking it off me.
A look of disappointment came over their faces so asked what was wrong. They said that my dick is not going to be hard for awhile so they can play with it. I told them it should only take a minute but back then i could jack off myself and it use to stay hard the entire time.
Luckily it did just that. When they realized that my penis was not getting any softer a look of joy came over their faces that i have never seen before. This time they wanted to go inside to Jennifer’s room.
First Heather got on the bed and invited me over with her legs spread wide open. As I started to enter her pussy she was dripping wet but i could only get half way in. I thrusted in and out and after a minute i was able to slide my whole cock into her vrigin crevis. As Jennifer watched, Heather and i fucked for about twenty minutes before she came all over the bed spread. Her snatch was milky wet. Jennifer slide on the bed as Heather and I were kissing and grabbed my hard cock in the direction of her pussy lips. Jennifer was smaller than Heather but i already had enough lubricant of Heather’s so i figured it would not be that hard to fit into Jennifer. As I parted her lips with the head of my cock she was already heaving from the excitement of watching Heather have so much fun. I pulled it in and out slowly so i could attempt to force it all the way in. The farther in pushed inside her the wider Jenifer’s mouth opened. I actually felt her cervix and she seemed to really enjoy that as i slide in and out, in and out she scratched my back with her figure nails til i starting bleeding. Jennifer’s twat was just too tight for me not to enjoy it, so i exploded all in her. As cum seeped out of her pussy lips she just laid back in exhaustion.

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