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Cute Little Left Fielder

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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: My truck & her house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

This all happened when my mom volunteered me to help with my little sisters softball team. I play baseball in college and my mom said I would help the team when I could. My sister and her friends are all 10 or 11 years old and their team isn’t very good. The first time I went to help I drove 4 of them to practice and home. They were all giggling and telling my sister how cute I was and just dumb little girl stuff like they want to marry me. After about the 3 or 4 time of me helping and taking them home, it happened. I dropped off the first 2 girls and then mom called and said drop of my sister before I take home Katie. Katie lived about 15 miles past our house, out by the lakes. She was the cutest of the girls, and the only one who had started to look like a girl. She had some boobs, and a girls shape with her hips widening. I would guess her to be 5’1″ and probably 85 pounds. Long blonde hair, usually in a ponytail, and blue eyes. Can’t say bra size, training bra size I would guess? She did wear one and she did have some boobs. Her mom was only 27 years old and she was pretty hot. Anyway after I dropped off my sister at our house we headed to her house. We laughed about some stuff that happened at practice, and then she said who do I think is the cutest on the team and I said alot of the girls are cute, but I think you are the cutest. She smiled and blushed and thanks and that she thought I was the cutest ever. Then just out of the blue, she said would you do it with me if I let you? I said do what? And she said you know, it. I said Katie you’re not old enought to do it yet. She said her mom was only 16 when she had me? I said I know but you shouldn’t be thinking about doing it now. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, then I was shocked to see that she was taking off her shorts and then her panties. She tossed her panties onto my crotch! There she sat in my old truck only her tshirt on and a sportsbra. I almost drove into the ditch! Then she said what about now do you want to kiss me? I had to pull over to keep from wrecking, so I drove into one of the public accesses at the lakes, with my dick so hard I was going crazy. She said will you do it with me? I said Katie you are too young, and are you a virgin? She said yes. Then she pulled her softball tshirt off and all she had on was her socks and a sportsbra that she quickly took off! I had a beautiful little girl, naked except for a pair of socks sitting in my truck! I leaned over to kiss her and when I did I put my hand on her little titties and started to rub her nipples. She moaned very loudly, and leaned over farther and started to suck on one of them while rubbing the nipple of the other. She was scqruiming, moaning and breathing very hard. I never seen a girl an age who had so sensitive breasts. I tried to avoid her little pussy, just because I really didn’t want to fuck her. I looked at it, I looked at it alot. The sun was just setting and it was starting to get dark, and turned on the key of the truck to play the radio and to turn on the dash lights so I could see her little naked body better. Then she asked me to take off my clothes. I did I couldn’t resist, my dick was dripping precum it looked like I had cum in my pants but I didn’t yet. I still hadn’t even touched her pussy yet and we were both naked. I slid over on the bench seat closer to her and she swung her leg over me and sat on my lap with my dick sticking straight up between us, between her pussy and me. We kissed, and kissed and I started sucking her little titties again. She threw her head back, moaned and I then could see how wet her pussy was. She had alittle blonde fuzz on her pussy, but basically I could see her cunt lips, and her clit plain as day. Then she said do you want to stick it in me Dan? I said yes but I don’t think we should? She slid over on the seat, on all fours and started to suck on my dick, and I reached around her little butt, and tried to insert a finger into her pussy. She sighed, but it was so tight I couldn’t get it in her. I started rubbing her clit and she almost immediately came. She started to cry and said what happened to me Dan, and I said you had an orgasism. And she said make me have another one! I knew I would never get my dick into her, so I knelt down on the floor, pulled both of her legs around my neck and started eating the prettiest little pussy I ever seen! She said WHAT are you doing and I said just lay back, I made her cum 3 more times in like 10 minutes. The inside of both of her legs were soaking wet, her pussy lips, my face, my chin and all of crotch was covered in her feminine lubricate. Still I knew I could never fuck her I could never get my dick in her she was just to small and tight. She said put it in me Dan, and I said I can’t it won’t go you are to tight, and she said please just try. I positioned her on the seat and tried to mount her, I rubbed the head up and down her crack and applied some pressure when I found her vagina. She wiggled and squirmed and I pushed harder, but I could tell it was starting to hurt her. I knew it wouldn’t work so I just started to jerk off and with a few pumps I came all over her pussy, all over it! It was a gigantic load, and the first sperm she had ever seen, much less ever had all over her cunt! She touched it and smiled just then a car turned into the access. I grabbed my shirt and wipped up her pussy and her crotch. Started the truck and we left, both of us naked, driving down the road. She said lets just go to my house, my mom has to work until almost midnight so nobody is home. When we got there I got dressed and she was still naked in my truck not uneasy at all. She pulled on her tshirt which looked like a mini skirt not even covering her beautiful little ass or cunt and said lets go and we walked into the house. She said she would be right back and I saw her step into the bathroom and heard the shower come on, and in less than 5 minutes out she came with a towel on her body and a towel on her head. Looking like she could be 20 years old. She said how sorry she was that she couldn’t get me inside her, and I said its ok Katie really its ok. She said let me get dressed and we can watch tv, in just a few minutes like 2 she called for me and I walked to her bedroom door and she was laying on her bed naked, except for the towel on her head, with her legs spread looking as sexy as any girl ever has. She said lets try again Dan, my dick was hard again instantly. I got undressed and we tried again, I made her cum with my finger and by eating her fresh little pussy, but no luck in getting my dick in her. We have had 6 or 7 of these nights after practice, and she is slowing getting stretched enough that I know we will soon get it inside her and I will post it here when we finally are successful. Its not my first time, but it will be hers!

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