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Cynthia & Bananas

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Age when it happend: 26
Where it happened: University Dorm
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I had just met Cynthia at a cultural exchange and we hit it
off straight away. She was fine looking, nice body with 36C
breats and beautiful brown legs. The first night we had sex
was ok, we started in the shower washing each others bodies
and then I eat her pussy until she climaxed. We adjourned
to the bedroom where she engulfed my penis with her breasts
as I just layed back and enjoyed. Cynthia then straddled me
and was riding the best I had ever been riden, I was about
to come when her room mate returned, which put an end to

The next time we went out I was buying some Banana’s just to
eat quickly, before we went out that night to a club. She
said with a gleam in her eye, “buy an extra one for later
tonight”. That made me so horny I couldn’t wait to use this
piece of fruit. We went out had a good time at the Bar, both
got fairly drunk and then we headed back to her dorm.

We slowly undressed each other and then lay on the bed naked
as I ate her pussy and she sucked my cock. As this was
happening I reached into my bag and pulled out the unripe
banana. As I was to drunk to get a full erection, I continued
to eat her pussy and play with her clit. By this time Cynthia
was begging to fucked by the peeled banana. I slowly placed
it at the opening of her snatch and inched it in slowly, just
to tease her. She was begging to have it all and started to
moan in a ecstasy. I continued to push it in until she had
engulfed it all with her soaking wet pussy. I slowly pulled
it in and out, then got faster and faster until she was
shaking with pleasure. When she had calmed down from an
amazing orgasm, she pulled the banana from her pussy and
proceeded to eat it. What a woman, from that day I haven’t
looked at another BANANA in the same way. After awhile we
went our own ways, however not before exploring the delights
of Grapes, Mangos, Strawberrys and then finally vegetables
(Carrots & Cucumbers).

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