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D. Wall

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Where it happened: graveyard
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It had only been 4 months since my mother had passed away and the sadness in my heart had caused me to neglect my social life for most of it. I just couldn’t come to terms with the fact she was no longer there, but my father on the other hand was quiet another story. Only after a month of my mother departure did he start dating a women called Louise. For some reason it felt like he was betraying my mother and in my emotional state I disapproved of Louise from the start, without getting to know her.

Anyway, on the month my dad dropped the bombshell on me that Louise was going to move in with us. pictures of my father pushing a dagger through my heart raced through my mind. He forgot to mention however Louise had a daughter, Lisa, a devine light of beauty but I didn’t care for her either at first sight.

It was only after another month did I swallow my pride and notice how great Lisa actually was. Before this moment I would normally ignore everyone in the house but I actually came out of my shell to get to know her. I also, om the odd ocasion, got to know Louise, but my eye was on Lisa. As my father got closer to Louise, me and Lisa also became closer. I however thought I was becoming too close and sometimes had to stop myself from touching or even kissing her. Sure I had been with other girls but someday Lisa might become my sister and because of this my concience was in conflict. So nothing of a relationship ever arose between us.

The months passed, until the year annervirsary of my mothers death. For some reason I wanted to go by myself so I left the house without telling anyone at about 6pm. I got to the graveyard about half an hour later and being a winter night and all, the sky was turning black already. A spent awhile just chatting to my mothers grave like it was her I was talking too. No one else was around so I didn’t mind. As I was just about to leave I had remembered a little note I had wrote, placed it next to the grave and stood there for a while. Just moment before I was going to leave someone walk infront of me and placed a bunch of flowers by the grave. As I couldn’t see the face I wondered who it was. Then she turned around and I could see it was Lisa. This act of kindness just added to the greatness that she was and my heart melted like butter. Not only was she the sexiest thing I had ever seen but also she was so kind and thoughtful.

She smilled at me and a tear rolled down my eye, I hadn’t cried since my mother had died. But Lisa was there for me and held me in her arms. It made me happy but also go me turned on. Never before had I been this close to her, and the thought of her perky breast pushed up against me just got me going. She looked up at me and asked if i was ok, I replied with the very corny line of ‘I am now’. I moved my head closer to her’s and softly kissed her. I expected her to back away saying this was niether the time or the place but she actually held my head and stuck her tongue right into my mouth. Once again my hormones hit the roof and without thinking my hand slid over her ass and I started clenching it. This only seemed to get her more aroused as she started to take her clothes off. I soon followed her plan and started the strip myself, all the while still kissing her but now more franticly.

After what seemed like only a split she was bearing her full bodied chest to the world, the dim light of the sunset curressing her breasts. I was already turned on and this got me errect. Lisa could see this and gave me a very sexy smile. She then pushed me to the ground, removed the smalled about of clothing and started to lick and suck. It was amazing and I nearly came. I some how managed to stop myself from cumming however and soon returned the favour which I knew she was greatful for because of her moaning. At this point a part of me was worried about being caught but the majority of my body just wanted more. This led to more hot passion and soon we were as close as we could ever get, if you know what I mean. Sprawled out by my mother own grave partaking in the pleasures of life. I found this quiet a turn on aswell which was a plus side I guess.

And thats how I first did it.

Taken from the memoirs of D. Wall, but what sex am I?

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