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Dad drugged me

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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: in my dad's bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My dad had fucked me along with eight of his friends, dear god did it hurt. He said to me, “it’s okay to be this way, I want to fuck your pussy and so do my friends, dont disappoint me.” The first man to fuck me was my father who has blue eyes, brunette hair, and a 12 inch cock, since I was younger I knew about sex and everything else.
I moaned as his large cock entered my pussy, ripping my pussy apart, I cried as my cherry popped. “daddy! Ahhhhhhh! That feels so weird!! ”
I moaned begging him to fuck me more as my pussy clenched around his cock, his friend sucked my pussy as my daddy fucked me, as daddy continued his friend sucked my clit causing me to squirt all over. My pussy clenched my dads cock as he went harder and harder, “daddy harder!” I screamed. My dad screamed, “darling, baby, lily! I’m going to cum!!! Holy shit baby!” He busted a load of cum in me. I didnt know what it meant. As his large biker looking friend decided to spread my ass cheeks and shove his 6 inch cock in minutes later I screamed as dad and one other friend, were fucking my pussy at the same time. Hours passed and we were finally done. I found out my dad had drugged me that night.

9 months later, I went into labor with twins, as I was giving birth dad was sucking my clit to distract me. At 18 my dad has finally went to jail and his friends are in jail, I’m alone with my twin daughters watching the movie ‘FROZEN’ my daughters always ask who their father was and I tell them he died in a car accident. My daughters are April and Deanna Jackson. I love them so much but I regret not falling in love and not getting married. I’m ashamed that my dad did this but because of it, I am a pediatric doctor at saint Luke’s and I have my GED. And my two daughters.

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