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Dads friend

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Garage
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My dad had a friend who was a auto mechanic and they were real close. He had an above ground pool that I use to clean during the summer. I also cut his grass. I had free use to the pool anytime I wanted to use it. A friend of mine use to go swimming with me and alot of times we would swim naked. I had sex a few times with a girl that I was seeing, but we had broken up. My friend use to show me his ass while he would go under water when swimming. I would get aroused looking at his ass. I know i’m not gay but was interested in seeing a guys ass. One time during swimming I got close to him at the side of the pool. I didn’t think anyone was home at the house of my dads friend. My friend turned around with his back towards me and leaned at the edge of the pool, i came up behind him and just let my dick touch the crack of his ass. He didn’t move, so I just started humping him. I didn’t penetrate him, but it felt awesome. After I came my friend said that he wanted to hump me but outside of the pool. I agreed since he let me do it to him. I layed down on the deck of the pool on my stomach and he got on top of me. I kept looking at the house to see if anyone was hom while by friend was humping away. His dick was going through the crack of my ass, and I did kind of like it. He came hard like i did, and it went all over my ass and back. We cleaned off with the hose and went home. A few days later he and I went back to the pool and my dads friend (Bob) was home working in the garage. It was getting dark, so me and my friend (Kevin) were wanting to hump again. I started doing him a little then we switched, he had me up against the side when Bob, (dads friend) came out of the garage and said he needed my help. He told my friend to leave since it was getting late. I went into the garage to help him with a motor he was putting in a car. He told me to shut the side door to the garage. He told me he was home and seen Kevin fuckin me on the deck of the pool. My knees buckled and I thought I was going to pass out. I freaked and told Him I was sorry and to please not tell my dad. I had tears in my eyes because I was scared and embarased. He said he wouldn’t say anything if I didn’t say anything. I felt good when he said that, then he told me to drop my shorts. He again said, don’t say NOTHING, and I won’t say nothing. He told me again to drop my shorts so I did. He asked me to turn around then he unzipped his jeans. (True honest story) He moved towards my ass touching it with his cock. I told him my friend Kevin never went inside me, just in my crack. He told me to relax, then went down and started licking and sucking my ass crack and my butt-hole. It did feal good, but I was scared. He stood up and had me bend over the hood of the car while taking my right leg out of my shorts and spreading my legs further apart. I looked back and seen him put Jergins hand lotion on his hand and dick. He guided his dick towards my ass and got it to my hole. He started to push and man it hurt like hell. I begged him to stop, which he did and just kept telling me to breathe and relax. He then gave me a bottle of liquid and told me to sniff it through my nose while he tried again. He said it would help me relax. (knowing now it was poppers) I breathed it in, then suddenly i felt his cock going in. I freaked a little but he pushed my shoulders down and told me just to relax and stay still. He had me sniff the poppers again which i did, and it didn’t hurt. My ass opened up and I liked him doing it. I just laid over the hood of the car and let him hump away. He had a picture of Farrah Faucet on his wall and I kept staring at it while he was fucking me. I couldn’t wait for him to get off though. He did come finally after about 5 minutes which seemed like 5 hours. As soon as he pulled out of me I pulled up my shorts and wanted to run home. He then said again, you don’t say and I won’t say. Promise? I said Promise. I got home and went into the bathroom to take a shower. I sat on the toilet and seen all his cum drip out of me. I didn’t know what to think but it made my dick hard knowing he got off in me. I showered for about 45 minutes and then jacked off when I went to my room. It’s weird man, because I started screwing different girls from school, but about 3 times a week I would go to Bobs house and let him fuck me. He is like, 30 years older than me which I don’t understand. I would call his house and tell him I’m coming to clean the pool. He would tell me cool, when you are done if you want come into the garage. What is wild is that we never talked when I came into the garage. Honestly, the ritual was I would walk in, drop my pants, turn around, bend over and let him do it. I had orgasms 3 times without touching myself. But that happened sitting on his work bench. I use to keep count of how many times he fucked me, but I lost count. I do know it’s been over 100 times. I’m married now and time has passed. About 4 months ago I went back to my home town. I had a break where I could get away. I called Bob. I still know his number. He was shocked and thought I was setting him up or something. I explained I was back in town for a visit, and just wanted to know if he needed his pool cleaned. He said to come over to the garage. I did! Honestly, for real, all true. I did it. I pulled down my jeans and let him do it. It still felt great. I never have been fucked by another guy but Bob. I did fuck one guy while in the Military and had a few males suck my dick. But never had another guy fuck me. Never will but him. He is in his 60’s now, but I’m sure I will again when I go back home.

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