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Dad’s Little Secret

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: My neighbors
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My name is Randy..when I was 14 I learned about sex from
my Dad and the two ladies who lived next door to us. Ruth
and Mary were sisters…40 and 41 who never married. mom was their
good friend for alot of years.

One hot summer night Dad said he was going next door to
help Ruth and Mary fix some kind a plumbing problem. Mom
was tired and said she was going to sleep.

I was out in the back yard and climbed into the tree house..
what I next saw blew me away…..I could see my Dad, Mary
and Ruth naked in their living room…Mary was sucking his
cock and Ruth was watching and masterbating..I watched for
some twenty minutes until I saw my Dad cum all over Mary’s
tits….it was one hot show…I wasn’t sure but I thought
Ruth saw me so I climbed down out of the tree house and
went to bed…very horney.

That next day Mom went to her sisters and my Dad said that
Ruth and Mary needed us to help them do some chores..I said
OK.. we went over to their house. Mary greeted us at the
door in her bathrobe and Ruth was sitting in the kitchen
drinking coffee in her bathrobe. My Dad said he forgot his
tools and went back home….I was standing in the kitchen
when Ruth told me she saw me watching them last night…I was so
embarrassed..I said that I was sorry and wouldn’t do it
again..but then Mary asked me if I liked what I saw…
I said yes…then she came over to me and told me if I kept
last night a secret she would suck my cock. With that Mary
then opened her bathrobe and I saw my first set of really
great tits up close…they were wonderful..at least 36C’s.

Ruth then spoke up and said that I should take my pants off
..so I did…I stood there naked as both Ruth and Mary looked
at me smiling…Mary then said I had a cock almost as big as
my dad’s…Ruth then told me stroke my cock in front of them
and I quicky agreed.. cock was hard as heck by that time.

As I masterbated in front of them..both Ruth and Mary shed
their robes and started to finger their pussies. Then my
Dad walked in with his tools. I didn’t know what to do…
Dad laughed and told Mary and Ruth to stop playing around
and go ahead and suck my cock….everyone laughed.

The next thing I knew Ruth was on her knees sucking my cock.
I looked over to my Dad and saw that he was smiling because
Mary was sucking his cock. I could see his cock pumping in and out
of mary’s mouth…I reached out and cupped her tits as Ruth
continued to suck me off….here I was with my Dad side by
side..as these two lovely ladies were sucking our cocks.

My Dad then told Mary to bend over so he could fuck her…
she did and her face was then inches from my cock…Ruth
then took my cock and put it in Mary’s mouth and jacked me
off till I came….Mary swallowed every drop and Ruth licked me
clean….all this time my Dad is pumping the heck out of Mary’s
pussy….then my Dad pulled out of Mary’s pussy and started
fucking Ruth’s mouth…..now it was Mary’s turn to jack my
Dad off into Ruth’s mouth….as he came both Mary and Ruth
sucked his cock and shared his cum…..

After afew minutes Dad told me if I kept this a secret from
Mom I could fuck both Ruth nad Mary any time I wanted. Mary
then started sucking my cock again and Ruth and my Dad started
fucking on the kitchen table… Dad then told me fuck
Ruth too….she got on top of me and I started to pump her
pussy as Mary licked my balls….and then Dad put his cock
into Ruth’s asshole….we were both fucking her….and Mary
was licking our nuts….Just as I came for the second time..
Mary took my cock and swallowed all I had left….

Dad then climaxed again deep in Ruth’s ass…she screamed in

Over the next five years until I went to college. Dad and I
fucked and sucked both Mary and Ruth many times….I loved to go
over there after school and have either Mary or Ruth suck
my cock and fuck until dinner time.

Little did my Dad know that Mom, Ruth and Mary also had a
secret to keep.

But that’s another storey.

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