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Where it happened: her house
Langauge: English
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I was over at my friend Melinda’s house one night. She and I were just buds and I never thought she and I would ever get together sexually. But we were sitting on the couch watching MTV I think. Anyways, it was pretty sexy and I got an erection. I had to go to the bathroom really bad and stood up with an erection- I didn’t think she could tell, I tried to hide it really well but I guess I couldn’t. Anyways I stood up and walked down to the bathroom, peed and came back into the room and sat down. Somehow the conversation turned to guys and girls and why guys were always so preoccupied with sex and why girls didnt seem like they ever cared. She then said “do boners hurt?” I told her no and asked her where that came from. She said she could tell I had one when I went to the bathroom and she just wondered if it hurt. I blushed and told her no and we continued to discuss it.

She and I started talking about our different sexual experiences and she said she had never seen a guy’s dick, that she had only touched one on the outside of a guy’s pants. She asked if she could see mine because she thought it would be cool to see my boner. I told her that the only way she would see my dick was if I got to see her pussy. She saids ok and unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off, leaving her in a pair of pretty white panties. She looked at me and said, “your turn.” So I pulled my jeans down, leaving me in a pair of boxers. We both still had our shirts and socks on, so we weren’t showing much.

Then she said, well- go ahead pull your boxers down. I said no unless she took her underwear off first. She took ahold of her waistband and looked at me and said 1-2-3, expecting me to pull down my boxers at the same time. Neither one of us did pull down our undies. She counted 1-2-3 again a couple of times and neither of us had the guts to take off our underwear.

I said, ok- why don’t i take off yours and you take off mine? With that, we both stood up, she reached and grabbed my waistband and I grabbed hers. I said 1-2-3 and slid her panties down her legs as she took my underwear off. We both just stood there and stared at each other’s private parts for a minute. She had a strip of light brown pubic hair on her pussy that looked as soft as down. I had a raging hard-on that felt like it was about to pop off of me. I grabbed her by the hand and had her sit down on the couch next to me. She kept on looking at my dick and finally asked me if she could touch it. I said yes. With that, she pulled her hair hehind her ear, licked her lips and reached out to touch my penis. Her hand was a little cool and she kind of chuckled as she stroked my shaft.

I said, now can I touch you? She said yes. So I reached between her legs and began to touch her downy mound, then her pussy lips. I repositioned both of us so that we were foot to head and proceeded to touch her there. I parted her legs a little and put a finger inside her. She moaned just a little. With that I took off my shirt and she took off her shirt and bra. I couldn’t believe that I was sitting there with my friend Melinda naked! She looked like a dream.

I had a condom that had made a ring in my wallet that I was just dying to use, so I moved over to my pants, took out my wallet and the condom package and ripped the package and took the condom out. I rolled the condom over my dick and positioned Melinda underneath me genitals-to-genitals. She said, are you sure you want to do this? I said yea. She said something about not wanting to get pregnant- and I said that’s why we had the condom. I slowly lowered myself into her and she moaned and whined a little bit. It was only about five strokes before I came- I was a little embarassed, but it felt good. As soon as I finished, I went into the bathroom and took off the condom and washed up. We both got dressed and remained very good friends, but that was the only time we ever had sex. It was memorable…

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