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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I live alone with my mom. She’s an average 40 year old woman. Beautiful. Although some might say she’s on the heavier side, she’s just the right amount of busty. An intelligent, calm woman. We live alone as my father had passed and it was just me. She was kind of lonely, so I felt sorry for her. I’m an 18 year old, job, college, your basic teenager. We enjoy watching movies together and stuff. Anyway, after a while I started to notice her, sexually that is. She would often wear a t-shirt without a bra and I just kinda couldn’t help but notice. So for a bit I started masturbating to the thought of my mom. Which I felt bad about. I often looked up incest stories and thought of her, replacing the mom in the story with my own. Then I progressed, I tell ya it was a slippery slope. One night we were on the couch sharing a blanket and she fell asleep. I had never felt a breast before so I checked to see if she was deep in her sleep by saying sort of loudly “Mom?” She didn’t answer so I slipped my hand through her night gown and felt her up. I was ecstatic and even got more of a rush due to the risky nature of it. If she woke up I was dead. I started to get a hard on through my boxers and before I knew it I was practically dry humping my mom. That’s when I came. I ran away to clean up, quietly. What had I just done. The next night I did the same thing except I garnered the tenacity to put my mouth on her nipple and suck pretty hard. Was I insane? Anyway I decided I had to progress further, but I needed her awake. I couldn’t keep doing it while she was asleep it just felt wrong. Albeit she’s still my mother but I might feel better if she were awake. Now I’m not anything that impressive, but I’m average looking young and am not under-endowed if you know what I mean. So I started getting a little skimpier in the mornings. I would even just go out to the kitchen while she was making breakfast in nothing more than a towel and even just boxers.And I would make sure I was hard so that she would see it. Sure enough it was catching her eye. I could tell. Now I just needed to seduce her a bit. Nothing much just compliments on her beauty and hugs in my boxers. I even stayed naked one morning and pretended surprised and claimed I thought she was working that day. It was working. I would even offer her massages. Well today was the day. She was in her robe, which left a lot of open cleavage, this particular morning in the kitchen making breakfast. I chose to wear my towel. “Eggs and pancakes again?”

“Yes son” she replied sweetly.

“Thanks, you know how much I love your cooking! You also know how much I love getting to rub your beautiful shoulders. Want a massage?”

She blushed at the compliment.

“Yes, that would be nice. You know how hard I work”

“Yeah, it means a lot to me mom. You know, how much you work for me. Also I should thank you for giving me such a beautiful sight to see every morning.”

She smiled. I could see down her robe and even though I couldn’t see her nipples they must have just been outta sight. I dept rubbing. She leaned back eyes closed and moaned a little, which was sexy as hell.

“How’d you get so good at this son?”

“Practice makes perfect”

At this point it was silent for maybe 30 seconds, so I proceeded with my plan. I pushed my boner up against her back, only rubbing a little as I did not want any pre-cum or worse yet pre-ejaculation. That would be embarrassing. But I rubbed just hard enough so that she’d feel it through her robe and my towel. She was a bit frozen and even though she hid it well I saw the reaction.

A couple more minutes of that and she spoke up.

“Could you go a little lower?” she said innocently, but I knew it was my time.

“Yes mom, I can go lower.” I did. And as I was rubbing my cock against her neck now, I continued “I would do anything for you, mom. Wow mom you know how sexy you are right now?”

She blushed. “Ha me sexy? I’m 40 years old.”

“Goin on 26.”

She laughed.

“No joke, that’s a fair assessment.” All while still rubbing my cock against her and rubbing her shoulders.

“I bet the guys at work must want to go down on you huh?”

“Son stop it!” she laughed. “Who said you could talk that way to your mother?”

“I’m just sayin that those guys must find you sexy. If I were one of them I’d want to go down on you.”

She bout flipped but kept control. “Is that so?”

“Yep. Honest. You’re just that beautiful.”

“So you would go down on me if I wasn’t your mother?”

“Hands down yes.”

“Oh son you’re making me blush… how far would you ‘down on me’?”

I let there be a moment of silence for her to take it all in.

“Well…mom… let’s just say…(at this point I dropped my towel so my cock was just on her neck-she froze up instantaneously) I would go lower… and lower (as I was saying this I was dropping her robe and fondling her breasts.) and lower…”

I began to kiss her neck and fondle her from behind. SHe just sat their and sighed, probably in complete disbelief. After a minute I walked around the chair. She opened her eyes. As I slowly got down on my knees.

“Just stay right there and enjoy this mom.”

I began kissing her legs while still fondling her breasts. Then I lifted her legs up and began eating her pussy. Oh it was great. I licked harder and harder. She barely took it.

“Oh…Oh son…I…oh….I can’t believe my own son is sucking my pussy…Oh yes…Oh yes…Keep going…Don’t stop….Yes…Yes..Yes..Yes! Yes! Oh Son! I love your mouth on my pussy! YES! RIGHT THERE! MAKE ME MOVE! OH YES! FUCK MOMMY! OH FUCK ME GOOD!(by now she was squeezing my head into her pussy) FUCK ME! OH YES!I’M GOING TO CUM! I’M GOING TO CUM IN MY SON’S MOUTH! OH i’M SO WET! I’VE WANTED YOU FOR SO LONG!…ohhhhhhhh FUCK ME! FUCK FUCK FUCK!YES! MAKE ME CUM. MAKE ME CUM. YOU LIKE THE TASTE OF MOMMY’S CUM? YES!MAKE ME CUM! THAT’S IT!DON’T STOP! FUCK ME TILL I CUM! OH HERE IT IS! I’M GONNA CUM! I’M GONNA CUM! HERE I GO! OH, OH OHHHHH…….OHHHH YESS! THAT WAS AMAZING! OH WOW! DID YOU LIKE THE TASTE OF MY CUM? OHHH”

Needless to say I was beyond rock hard. I had pre-cum dripping down my penis and I was somewhat proud of what I had just done to mom. She was still gasping for air.

“Oh wow. I can’t believe I just let my son suck my pussy.” Then she looked at me real seductively and in a tired sexy voice said “Well… you’ve been a good boy. I think you deserve something for that. Son, do you want to feel good?”

I nodded.

“Well let me help you feel good. She slowly pushed me onto the ground her tits on my chest as she kissed my lips. “I see you’ve got a nice cock there son.I think I can make it explode. So tell me…where on mommy do you want that cock? In her pussy? Her ass? hmm,,? Anywhere you want to cum on or in me is just fine”

“I want to cum on…your mouth!”

“My mouth eh? I can work that out.”

Then she kissed my chest and lowered her boobs to my penis rubbing my penis in between her boobs. I could hardly hold it in. Then she lowered more and grabbed my penis upright. “We’ll see how long you last ;)”

She started by just licking the tip, while smiling at me. Then she took the pink part of my penis in her mouth. I couldn’t believe I was lasting through this. Then she just started to take my penis whole. Damn.

“Can you believe you’re fucking your own mother”

She was giving all she had at this point. Her head bobbing. Pre-cum dripping from her mouth. I had my hand on top of her head. Just damn.

“Still lasting eh-(she talked between sucking)…Well I know what will make you cum in your mom’s mouth…Yeah this will get you right off…” I was wondering what she was gonna do. Then she said it.

“I have always enjoyed how you suck my tits at night and I have just been dying to suck your penis!”

I lost it right there. She knew, she musta been awake and faked sleep. I came in her mouth, on her face. Streams and drips of cum were in her hair and around her eyes. Damn.

“That’s my boy.”


“Don’t get tired yet…you’ll get to see everything mom can do tomorrow ;)”

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