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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: home
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

it happend one night me my mom and my stepdad was wathing tv in thier bedroom we were all under the covers i did not know mom took some sleeping pills and fell asleep in no time i was in the middle of them mt stepdad put his arm around me and pulled me next to him he was naked he forced me to my back and started kissing me his hand went down my shorts and he grabed my pussy then he ripped my shirt open and tore my bra off and started sucking my 32b tits i could feel his cock next to me it was very thick and about 10 inchs long he got my shorts off and got between my leggs he said this is going to be nice he stuck the head of his cock in my tight youg pussy and laid down on me then he shoved the rest of it in me it filled my pussy full he started going faster and faster and deeper then he exploded inside my pussy his hot cum running out of me but he did not stop he kept going turning on my stumach and sticking it up my ass he pulled me to my knees and went from my ass to my pussy then back over and over waking mom up she looked at us and told him to fuck me hard deep and rough and she got undressed and started sucking my small tits then got in front of me and shoved my face into her hot wet pussy i think his cock got twice as big when he saw her forceing me to lick her pussy and suck her 38dd tits he exploded in my ass he pulled his cock out of my ass his cum dripping out of me he laid me on my back hanging my head over the side my mom holding me down she started licking my pussy and eating me out as he forced his cock into my mouth and sliding it down my throat he got every inch in my mouth chocking me and gagging me he fucked my throat for a long time my mom licking and sucking my pussy and tits i cummed all over her face then he pulled his cock out of my throat just the head in my mouth and shot some cum in my mouththen mom made me get on my back and sat on my face i licked and sucked her clit reaching up playing with her hugr tits tell she cummed all over my face after that i sat on my step dads cock and took it up my pussy he pulled me down and my mom stuck a dilldo up my ass at the same time was the best sex i ever had

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