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Delighted Mom

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Age when it happend: 26
Where it happened: mom's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I am twenty-six, and my parents got divorced when I was nineteen. At the beginning of this summer I was spending the weekend over at my mom’s house. That morning I was heading to the bathroom and the door wasn’t quite shut all the way. Figuring that it was OK, I just went ahead and stepped in. I got an eye full as I saw my mother standing there nude. She had just gotten out of the shower and didn’t have a stitch on.
She looked about as surprised as I was. I hastily apologized and she just smiled and laughed. She said that she wasn’t bothered by me seeing her nude, adopting the “well-you’re-old-enough-not-to-be-shocked” attitude. Then, happily, she told me, “Well, I like to have fun, too!” I never thought of my mother as a prude especially, although I never thought of her as being exactly uninhibited, either. I mean, she’s my mom, and just average, I suppose, is how I always thought of her. She’s nice, down to earth, sensible, never provocative. Dresses average. And average attractrive. Fairly tall, slender, with short orangy-brown hair. To me, average.
Here I was seeing my mother naked, and she was telling me that she thought it was fun! I wasn’t expecting her to be so uninhibited, just standing there letting have this good look, and enjoying it. Like I said, she’s fairly tall and slender. She has small breasts with pointed nipples, and this dark, curly, sandy patch of pubic hair. I just stand there taking this in, from the smile on her face, to her pointed little breasts, down to her bare feet and metalic-red painted toenails. It’s this sexy image of my mother that I’ve never seen before, and this sexy attitude.
Being straightforward about it, she asked me what I thought. I know that I blushed, and I said something like I thought she looked fine. I didn’t know what to say. She giggled and did this kind os sex kitten pose, sticking her breasts out. I laughed too, and playfully reached up to feel her right breast. She had no objections to my doing that, and said something like, “Oooo!” We both laughed and felt her other breast. Then she put her arms around behind my neck, pressed up against me in this affectionate hug, and then gave me a small kiss on the lips. While she’s doing this, my hands are on her waist. She gives this really proud and pleased look, and I slide my hands down to caress her smooth buns, which she lets me do, just smiling the whole time.
I smile, too. I still can’t believe that my mother is in this playful mood. Teasingly, she starts to pull up on my t-shirt and gets it over my head and tosses it aside. Then she presses her bare breasts up against my chest, giggling and say how nice this is. I’m still not sure what to do, although she seems fine with anything. I have have an erection, so thinking, why not? I go ahead and slide the shorts that I’m wearing down a little ways. As we’re standing there, they go ahead and just fall to the floor. My mother eralizes what I’ve done. She sees my erection and looks absolutely delighted. I feel a little embarrassed, but my penis is really stiff and it feels so good. We hug a little more, and down below my penis is jabbing up at her. She leans back against the sink and I grab my hard penis and move up it up and down against her pubic hair. She smiling and enjoying this. I push it between her legs, and she just stands there letting me do that. I bend my knees slightly and let the swollen end of my penis push in between her vaginal lips. She’s wet and it just glides in. I push a little more, and suddenly my erection is completely in her vagina! I can’t believe it. She takes a deep breath and moans and squeezes her eyes shut.
I start to slid my erection in and out. It feels great doing this with my mom, and really, really exciting. She’s excited too, and is breathing hard and moaning. I keep doing this. I put my hand down there and started playing with her firm clit. The next thing I know, she’s having and orgasm. She hanging on me, gasping, and my erection is thrusting into her. Then before I’m even half prepared, I start ejaculating with my penis still in her vagina. I’m gasping, too.
Then it’s all over. We’re both shaken and recovering. My mom sighs and says how good that felt. Regaining my senses I fearfully admit that I squirted while I was in her. She just smiles and tells me that’s OK, that she’s been fixed so there’s nothing to worry about. I feel enormously relieved to her this, because it really wasn’t my intention to take the risk of getting my mother pregnant. With the concern taken care of, we’re both smiling and happy with thisw new found love between us.
Having sex with my own mother was something that I had never even considered. From what she said, she never thought about doing that with me, either. Since we had, however, needless to say, that weekend we made love several more times. Since then, we haven’t stopped!

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