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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: Barn
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

When I was little, I’d go in the summer to visit my grandparents in Ohio. They lived in the country surrounded by farms and woods. My cousins would be there sometimes, and we would explore the fields, woods and even an old barn on a near farm. We even had a small secluded pond where we would go swimming. Some of my cousins were more local than I was and were more familiar with the area. The owners of the farm were friendly, and they knew us. When I was 12 years old I developed in a big way. I had 26 D breasts and was otherwise a size 10. I had spent the schoolyear being followed around by boys and gawked at. I had not had sex, but did jerk off one boy while he played with my breasts so I knew about sex and even what a penis looked like. I was even actively masterbating a few time per week. This summer, only a few cousins would come, and they alternated and only stayed a week or so at a time. I was staying for 8 whole weeks and some days was the only one there. One one such alone day, I was expecting two of my cousins, Debbie and Sean. They were twins and about 1 year older than me. Since they were coming in late, I went exploring on my own. I walked over to an adjacent farm and waved at the owner as he was in the field. I took a shotcut through the barn. There in the barn was two great danes. I froze. They didn’t even notice me. I noticed that the male’s penis was out of it’s sheath. It looked enormous. He mounted the female and banged and bucked inside her. I was mesmerized. I heard the tractor coming close and ran away. I felt myself needing to touch myself. So I went to the pond, removed my shorts and panties and rubbed myself to an orgasm. I even slid two fingers inside me and think about the dog’s big penis. My cousins arrived at supper time, and we ate, and talked. There were two rooms (one for boys and one for girls). Debbie and I said our good nights and went to bed, Later as we lay in our mutual bed, we started talking about the last year, boys, and eventually got to sex. Debbie had sex with at least three boys, and one of them was Sean, her brother. I was amazed. She had develope too in the last year, but her breasts were B cups. She was a nice size 8. As she slept, I rubbed myself thinking about the conversation and feeling horny. I slept great that night. The next morning, we all three went for a walk after breakfast. We went to the pond and swam in our panties and bras. That’s when I noticed that Sean was really filling out. As we dried in the sun, I noticed his crotch had filled out too. His wet white undies were pratically see through. We started walking back to the house for lunch when we passed through the farm where I had seen the dogs. As we passed, I recanted the story to the twins. “Let’s see these dogs. I bet they’re doing it now”, said Sean. Off to the barn we went. We got into the barn and saw the male and female dogs butt to butt. They must have just finished and were still tied by the knot in the male’s penis. I was again mesmerized. We heard a truck coming and ranup the ladder into the loft about 12 feet over the barn floor where the dogs were. As we were laying in the hay, we heard the truck pull into the barn and the door slam. Then we heard the farmer’s wife talking to the dogs. She was scorning them. We peeked out over the bales of hay and saw that she had a Collie with her. As the two tied dogs seperated she looked around and then reached up and removed her panties from under her dress. I whispered to debbie,”What’s she doing?”. “I don’t know, but this is gonna be good” answered Sean. Then she got on all fours. The Collie stuck his nose up her dress and we could see that he was licking her. The female dog walked off, but the male Dane started licking her face. That’s when I heard a moan beside me. I looked and saw that Sean and debbie were naked and laying on their cloths in a 69 position. That’s when I saw sean’s penis. It was huge to me at about 10 inches and really thick. I couldn’t help myself, I pulled up my dress and put my hand in my panties. As I watched Debbie on top trying to suck in as much as she could (all but about 2 inches) of Sean’s penis and Sean’s head moving beween her legs, I had an orgasm with a muffled moan. Debbie asked “Wanna try some of this cuz?” I said, “I guess so.” I got undressed, and they both started kissing me all over. We heard a moan and looked to see the farmer’s wife being mounted on all fours by the Collie. He was bucking hard and fast. The Dane was laying in front of her, and she was sucking his big penis. She was actually having sex with the dogs!. Sean moved behing me and started rubbing hie penis head on my pussy lips. It felt so hot and so good. There I was on all fours watching the lady get hammered by the Collie and I was about to have my cousin do the same to me. “Be careful with her, Sean” Debbie said. “It’s her first time.” Debbie sucked his penis and licked me to be sure I was wet enough. Then Sean slid the head of his penis just inside of me. as he slide in and out slowly he put a little more and more into me. It felt good but then he stopped with his penis ablut 2 inches inside. I remember looking down ans seeing the ZDane mount his mistress. Then Sean said” This is going to hurt. Don’t yell or anything”. Before I could ask or say anything, Debbie put her hand over my mouth and Sean thrust his Penis all the way in. It hurt so bad. I actually screamed, but with the dog lover sqeaming in extasy and debbie’s habd over my mouth it wasn’t noticed. Then he started humping into me with all of his penis over and over again. It felt huge. As he banged me within an inch of my life, I could feel his balls hitting against my pussy with every thrust. debbie moved under me and started licking my clitoris. I wanted to scream. To muffle myself, I put my mouth against the inside of her leg. Before I knew it we were licking and sucking each other. Her hands rubbing my breasts, and Seanslamming in and out of me. My arms and legs felt weak. I w
heard a scream from below and looked. The farmers wife was locked with the Dane. She was stuck, and he was trying to walk away. Then he sat down with his butt to her. She was not going anywhere. I resumed licking Debbie. I noticed that I didn’t feel Sean’s balls hitting me anymore. His breath on my back was longer and harder blows. Then debbie whispered, “Sean not in her. Cum in my mouth. We can’t get her pregnant”. Sean hammered me even harder for about 30 seconds. My whole body was shaking and I had another orgasm. Then he went all the way in and held it. I felt his penis swell up. Without a word he yanked out and stuck his penis in Debbies mouth and groaned. I looked down and saw his entire penis in her mouth. I swear that I could see the outline of it in her throat. He was bucking as if more of it could go it. debbie’s fists were clenched and she was making muffled crying sounds. We all callapsed. I looked over at Debbie. Her eyes were red and her face was stoaked with tears from taking Sean so deep into her throat. “Better than masterbating in bed last night, huh?” Debbie asked. “Oh Hell yeah”, I said. When we looked, the farmer’s wife and the dogs were gone. We got dressed and snuck back to the pond to clean up. I was very sore, and walking didn’t help. Then we ran to the house for lunch. This was my first time. It was the most memerable 30 minutes of my sex life. Sean, Debbie and I did more experimanting that summer. We see each other about twice a year, and talk all the time online and on the phone. We are all married, and none of our spouses know anything about our sex games.

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