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diaper masturbation

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Current Age: 36
Age when it happend: 7
Where it happened: my sister's room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

my first experience with sex happened at age 7 with my older sister, who is two years older than i am; i was born 3 months early; she was babysitting me at the time, when i was 7, and she decided it would be fun to try and put some diapers on & see if they felt horny. she slowly stripped off all her clothes, and when she picked up one of my diapers up, (that i still wore to bed even though i was 7) i could see my penis twitching and hardening. but of course, i had no idea why; i just knew it felt good. kinda funny, but good at the same time. she saw how hard i was getting as she slowly laid on her back, naked on the floor; slowly she opened the plastic, crinkly Pampers diaper and proceeded to put it on herself.my penis was straight up in the air and rigid as i watched her softly sprinkle the baby powder into the fresh diaper, and slide it up between her legs; then, after she was diapered, the fun started; slowly she crawled over to me with the diaper crinkling between her legs, and lightly and very rapidly stroked my penis tip. the sensations that i felt rush through my body drove me crazy! i HAD to have more of whatever she was doing; she rubbed my penis tip with her fingers very fast, and then started to slide her tongue up and down my shaft as i moaned; my heart pounded as she licked me, and she then opened up a fresh diaper, and spread my legs apart; she laid the dry diaper on my fully erect penis and started to rub my penis back and forth using the diaper’s soft, fluffy, dry, thick padding; gradually she picked up the speed, and she made the diaper crinkle noisily with her fingers; i rocked my hips back and forth in rhythm to her fondling, which made her go even faster! she whispered in my ear, “i bet you’re getting VERY close, aren’t you!” (close to what, i didn’t know, but WOW whatever she was doing felt great!!) suddenly, one more rub was all it took; i was squirming back and forth, moaning in pleasure, as a HUGE, massive, dry orgasm left me breathless; i sighed, and collapsed in unbelievable pleasure, as she put me in bed; i’ll never forget that night on June, 14, 1986! it was heavenly!

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