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Diapers and sex

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: His house
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

About a year ago my bestfriend, Ryan, invited me over for a sleepover. It was his first, which at age 14 I found suprising. Ryan is a small boy, only 5 foot 4 and probably weighs 115 pounds. When I got there we just hunting and played some videogames until it was time to go to bed. Around 12 his mom called us up and he told me just to go wait in his room. I did so, wondering where he was, then about 5 minute later he came back. However, I noticed a bulge in his pants. He was wearing a diaper. I Akwardly asked him about it, and he blushed and finally had me swear to never tell anyone, but he admitted that he still wets. I was shocked, but even more shocked when his mom came in, seeing that I had discovered the secret, and told me I should try one out just to see how Ryan feels every night. Curious, I held his moms hand, who is only about 36 years old and very petite and blonde with a great body for her age, and we walked to her bedroom. There, she gave me an adult pullup and plastic pants and told to to try them on. So I went to the bathroom and put them on. I then walked back into ryans room in just my diaper and plastic pants. He had a big grin on his face. I felt kinda weird, but the diaper was actually making me horny and I really loved the feel of it. For the next hour me and Ryan just talked, until he said that he needed to pee. I expected him to go to the bathroom, but instead he wet his pullup. Then, he asked me to go ask his mom for a new one. I did so, but she said she was out of pillbox and only had diapers left. She said it would have to do, and gave me 3 diapers just in case, along with baby powder for Ryan. When I got to ryans room, I noticed he was standing waiting for me. When I told him there were no more pullups, he said okay and took one of the diapers into the bathroom. 2 minutes later I heard him call for me. I opened the bathroom door to see him standing naked hold the diaper. He said “I can’t get it on alone…. Could you change me?” since he was very cute and small, I said sure. I had him come out to his bed and lay down. I lifted his legs up and started to rub the baby powder on. His penis rose up to a full4 1/2 inches. I noticed, but confined to diaper him. When I was done he said ” this feels incontestable, could you fix it?” I slowly said yes, and reached my hand down inside of his fluffly diaper to fix his “problem”. I was greeted by his full blown erection. I was immediately horny, and he knew it. He told me to lay back as he would change me. I did as told, and he removed my diaper. He slowly poured on baby powder, and rubbed it up and down my cock. Then, he started to suck my penis. It felt so good and I didn’t want it to stop! After a minute or so, he stoodup and said that we should go to the shower since his mom was already asleep and we both were chilly. We hopped in his warm shower and just stared. Then, I sat down on the shower ledge and owl guided his tight little ass over my dick, and asked ” you ready?” he said he’ll yeah and slowly I slid my dick inside of him as we both moaned. He went up and down and kept fucking me as I was moaning. Then after a few minutes I felt my glourious load release in his ass. Then, I got down on four knees to be good for his height, and he did the same to me. When we were done, we dried eachother off and re diapered and fell asleep. Then next morning his mom came in and said “changing time!” she changed us both, even rubbing powder on me. She then left for work, and Ryan got a smile on. He quickly ran over and slid my pants off and rubbed on some lube to get me hard. Then, he told me he wanted it hard. So, we got under the covers and I slowly slid inside of him again and pounded away. I now go over to his house on a regular basis to be diaper by his sexy mom, and have wonderful sex with him. Best sleepover of my life.

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