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Where it happened: her bedroom
Langauge: English
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

I met this girl in school.She was, but to look at her body,it was much older.Her tits were like two halfs of small oranges and as she never wore a bra you could see her nipples sticking out stiff and hard.Her ass was nice and round and every time I saw her I got hard.We started talking and became friends.S he invited me over to her house on afternoon and we sat on the couch.I put my hand on her shoulder aaand pulled her to me for a kiss.While kissing, I cuped one of her tits,squezed it then put my hand under her shirt to feel her warm soft tit. She moaned and took her shirt off nd I saw the tits for the first time.I stuck a hard nipple in my mouth and sucked on it.While sucking her nipple,I put my hand down between her legs to her pussy,she was hot and wet.I tried to pull her shorts of so I could see her pussy.I got them off and her pantied covered pussy was soaked.i puller them off and stucked a finger in her.Still sucking her nipples,my finger found her clit.It was long and hars,sticking out between her lips.I left her nipples and put her clit in my moutn and sucked on it.She pushed her pussy in my mouth as she squirted cum in my mouth.By now my cock was hard as a rock.She felt it and pulled it out.She trier to get it in her mouth,but only yhe head would fit.She sucked it till I filled her mouth full.She pulled my cock ansd sait,Come with me,so taking our clothes she pulled me in her bedroom.We fell on her bed and still sucking eachother,Ipusher the head of my cock between her lips.It hit her clit as she came again.i pushed it in deeper in her pussy.She moaned as my cock hit her cherry,I pushed in her tearing her cherry.She pushed her pussy hard on me as I slid deep in her.She cried,Fuck me hard,I want your cock deep in me.Fuck me… Fuck me now.I pumper in her as her pussy griped my cock.She came several more times,then she tightened her pussy on me and I filled her ful of my cum.I was still hard so we did it several more timesWhen she finaly pulled me out,my cock was covered with her virginal blood and cum.She sucked it clean,and I cleaned her pussy.We now fuck at least three times a week.When she, for her birthday she had me knock her up.Know that she is pregnant we fuck more often,she is always horny.When this one is out she wants me to put another one in her,which I will gladly do.I love her pussy.

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