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Dirty Old Man Neighbor

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: George's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I had just graduated from high school and was starting college next fall. I was 18 at the time. I had a neighbor who lived next door to me. He was 76 years old and his wife had died a few years ago. His name was George Rogers. He was quite chunky with a beer belly, and had sun moles all over his hands and neck.
Since he’s old I used to come over to his house and do a few chores for him, like wash dishes rack leaves.
To describe myself, I am 5″5, long brown curly hair, tan skin, and average weight. I had a few boyfriends in high school but none of them lasted because I usually dated football jerks and jocks.
I was crying one time sitting on my front porch, reading a sad, melancholy book by Nicholas Sparks. Just then George came holding his cane. He asked me “why I was crying?” And I told him “because I’m reading a book that is quite sad.” He sat down next to me patting my back. For some weird reason I enjoyed the comfort he was giving me. I kept crying staring down at the book. George kept rubbing his wrinkly hand on my back. I felt my vagina spasm. I looked over at his tired, weary old face. He had a bald topped head with sun moles. I could see patches of gray hair on the side of his head and ears. I told him “thank you” George nodded touching my bare shoulder caringly. I had on a dark blue dress with thin straps and a brown belted waistband at the time since it was summer. I caught him glance at my boobs but he looked away when I stared at him. He immediately changed the subject saying “do you want some lemonade? I made some inside my house.” I told him “sure” we walked to his antique styled home with floral furniture. George poured me some lemonade watching me drink it. He then told me “I looked beautiful.” Gawking at me with his tired faded blue eyes. I told him “thank you” then he said “you’re quite welcome” cheesing at me with his decaying yellow teeth. I gave him a polite smile moving my hair from my face. Then George said “he also liked my dress” I touched the upper part of my dress pressing my hand on my chest. I told him “thank you” as he stared at my boobs again mesmerized. I strangely enjoyed the attention he was giving me. I didn’t know why. I had this fetish for experimenting it though. I asked him “why’d he keep staring at my breast” George licked his bottom lip hungrily. He then told me “because I find you very attractive.” I stared at him with a polite smile giving him a respectful hug. George kept his arms around me not letting me free. I looked at him as if he was crazy but I didn’t fight back. I got another vagina spasm. George pushed my hair back kissing me softly. I felt his tongue touch my lip slightly. My boobs were touching his chest. I could feel his boner. We continued to kiss as I let out a moan, feeling my panties get wet. George kept groping his hand on my lower back then on my butt. His hand was under my dress and I had just remembered I was wearing sexy underwear that day. A black lacy bra that made my boobs stick out and matching lacy panties. I pressed my hand on his boner groping his dick. He let out a helpless moan. Sooner or later we went into his bedroom and he started massaging my breast with his wrinkly old hands. I let him getting super wet and horny. He unzipped my dress pressing his fingers on my vagina rubbing his hand back and forth. I took off his pants giving him a bj. I told him “do you like that” he told me “so much” George unbuttoned his plaid shirt revealing his hairy, old stomach. I kept rubbing my hands up and down on his rough, body. George kept groping his fingers on my vagina. He then pressed his hands on my boobs rubbing them and watching them move as he rubbed them soothingly. I got super horny as he took off my bra cautiously. He began rubbing my bare boobs staring in awe. George then said “You got nice round tits baby” whipping out his dick. I continued to rub his medium sized dick as precum squirted out. George squeezed his stubby wrinkly fingers on my nipples leaving me aroused. He began massaging them again with his hands.
George then put his mouth on my boob licking his tongue around my nipple. I got so turned on letting out a moan. He circled his tongue around my other nipple getting them hard. He smothered his head between my boobs rubbing his face on my chest. I pressed my hand on his bald head bringing it harder to me. He then said “I love licking your tits. You smell like sweet roses and perfume” I kept moaning rubbing his dick and giving him a bj. I stuck my mouth on his cum filled dick. I felt his hands grip on my boobs squeezing my nipples. I watched his cum squirt everywhere. He was so hard. George took off my panties fingering me hard and staring at my shaved vagina. He got so hard and horny. George kept rubbing his fingers on my vagina running them through it hard. I kept squirming my back outwards getting turned on. He then started eating me out as I felt his tongue go inside licking me like an icecream cone. He let out a “yum” licking me harder and doing it right. He kept eating me out slirping in my wet vagina. He began fingering me again frantically. Then eating me out again. He was still rubbing my nipples hard as I moaned soothingly. George rubbed his dick gently on my vagina stroking it. He let me get on top as he slowly stuck his dick inside my vagina. He then said “Victoria you are so tight and wet. I love it.” George kept playing with my breast as he continued to fuck me. I kept moaning and groaning as he started licking my nipples and sucking my boobs like an old baby. The top of his head was bright red as we kept fucking. After we were done having sex and we were both satisfied. George said “let’s do this again tomorrow” I grinded my naked body on his wrinkly fat one. “Of course” he strangely got hard again and he started stroking my vagina with his fingers. He then said “Why not now? I get horny all over again staring at your sexy young body” George licked his lips hungrily staring at my boobs. He opened up my smooth soft legs again eating me out hungrily and rubbing my nipples. I got wet all over again as he licked it. I felt his warm tongue inside my vagina hitting the g spot. George started sucking on my boobs again circling his tongue on my nipples.
For the rest of the night all we did was have oral and regular sex.
As of now, I am away at college so I don’t get to fuck George anymore. Maybe one day when I come back I’ll fuck that old man again.

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