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doctors office

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: doctors office
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I had my first orgasm and first Gynecological exam. Sting as it may seem, cause many women say they are completely turned off at the doctorÆs office, I was not. To this day I still get turned on laying there in the stirrups, naked down there; knowing that soon someone will be looking and probing into my pussy.
Any I had been having trouble with my periods, lots of cramping and irregular as hell. Mom told me that she would make an appointment with me to see her gynecologist. I had known for some time that eventually all women wind up seeing one, and had heard from some friends just what all the examinations involved. While it was a little scary, it was also kind of exciting to think about it.
Maybe it was because I had been raised to know that letting someone look and touch you there was about as intimate as you could. I also knew about masturbating, and how good it could make me feel.
Anyway the day came for the appointment. I took extra care to make sure I was as clean ôdown thereö as I could be. I was a little concerned that the doctor would think I was gross or something. I douched several times and did all I could to be ready. One thing dumb that I did was to shave off all my pussy hair. The reason for shaving was that IÆd heard all the stories about women being shaved when they had babies. When mom heard what IÆd done she just laughed about it and said that wasnÆt necessary, but the doctor probably wouldnÆt think anything about it anyway. She also said some women shaved their hair all the time. I do now a days keep mine shaved in the summer and actually kind of like the way it looks; so does my husband.
Anyway after checking in with the nurse we sat in the waiting room. There were lots of women there and they all seemed to be at ease. One lady asked mom if this were my first trip. I was embarrassed when mom said yes. The lady told me not to worry and just relax, it was no big deal and that I might as well get used to it since IÆd be getting these kind of exams a lot when I started having kids.
Finally the nurse came and led me back to the exam area and took all the regular stuff (height, weight, blood pressure, etc.) She then asked me some questions about sex in general, was I a virgin, had I been using pads or tampons… very personal things. I answered as best I could but felt strange because I was getting sort of horny thinking about what she was asking and also that soon IÆd have a complete stranger looking at me.
Finally, she said it was time to get ready for the exam and that the doctor would be in soon. She told me that after the exam was over the doctor would talk to me and mom about what heÆd found. She then handed me a gown and told me to remove everything. She explained that even thought this was mainly a pelvic exam, the doctor would also examine my breasts and the rest of me in general.
She came back in a few minutes, I was now naked except for the gown. She led me to the exam table and had me lie down. Once there she told me to relax and try to think about something pleasant. I asked her what all the doctor would do and she said the exam would only take a few minutes. I was told the doctor would examine my body and then check my breasts. Once the general part was over he would then do the pelvic exam, and that would be it.
Mom asked If I wanted her to stay. I said no that I would be embarrassed, so she waited outside. The nurse told me that because the doctor was a man, she would have to stay as a chaperone. I told her that was ok. She made some idle chit chat while we waited for the doctor. I sat on the table waiting for him and the nurse kept telling me to relax. She said this particular doctor was very good and was very gentle.
Soon the doctor came in. He was a middle aged man, slightly bald, and just a little bit overweight. He was friendly and seemed very nice but all I could think about was him looking at and touching my vagina.
He chatted with me and a asked some more personal questions. He then began giving me a fairly common physical. He listed to my heart and looked in my eyes and ears all the normal stuff. then he said Ok lie back on the table.
Once I did this the nurse moved toward my feet and I could her her pulling the stirrups into place. While she did so the doctor told me to uncover my breasts, one at a time, and he began feeling them. He ran his hands in circles and generally just squeezed them. I felt sort of aroused but was probably too embarrassed to think about what he was doing. I did notice that my nipples were hard and standing up straight. the Doctor didnÆt seem to notice at all.
He finished examining my breasts and had me cover up. the nurse dropped the part of the table away and said that she would put my feet up in the stirrups now. The doctor wrote some stuff in my records while she spread my legs and put my feet up.
Just then, there was a knock at the door and another of the nurses cracked the door and said something to the doctor. He seemed annoyed and said that I should lie still for a minute that he had to take a call. He then left the room.
The nurse stood at my side. She said the doctor was keeping tabs on a patient who was in labor and that heÆd be right back. She also asked me about school and hobbies and so on. AT one point she asked if I was comfortable. I told her that I was ok but that it felt silly to be in this position. She asked If I wanted to put my legs down. I said no that I was ok, but the sheet she had over me was bunched up under my butt. She went down a lifted the sheet and had me push up while she pulled it free. At this point she looked at me and said did you shave that just to come here. I told her that I thought I was supposed to but that mom told me later is wasnÆt necessary. She laughed and said no but a lot of older women think they have to shave so they were used to seeing it.
The doctor was soon back. He was very nice and apologized for keeping me waiting. He stood between my legs and pulled up a seat. As he sat down he told me it was time take a look and she how much of a grown woman I was becoming. I felt the sheet being lifted up and felt the air cooling down there, so I knew I was now exposed.
The nurse asked if I had held my bladder as theyÆd instructed when we made the appointment. I told her I had but asked why. The doctor told me it was his standard practice to collect sterile urine sample during his exams and that he would soon put a catheter in me to get the sample. The nurse saw my confusion and showed me a plastic pouch with a little rubber tube in it. She said they would put that in my bladder to get the urine. I felt them put some cold liquid on my vagina and the doctor said he would put the catheter in now.
Suddenly I felt a tingling from where I pee and this was followed real a slight burning sensation. After the burning I suddenly felt like I had to pee real bad. The next thing I knew I heard a sound like water in a cup. I later learned that it was my pee flowing through that tube. It was wild, I was going pee and didnÆt even feel it. IÆve since learned that very few doctors put a catheter in every time you have a pelvic exam, but this was his standard procedure.
The doctor removed the tube and I felt him poking and probing at my vagina. He spread my lips open and looked all over at me. He told me everything looked normal. I even felt him pulling at the skin over my clitoris and looking at it. He too asked me If I was a virgin and had I masturbated or ever touched my clitoris. I was embarrassed but answered truthfully, yes. He said that was fine and that all of my external genitals were exactly as they should be.
The nurse handed him something that I didnÆt see. He told me that he was now going to look inside. At that point I felt something cold and big going into me. I know they had lubricated it because it slid in very easily. When that happened I felt myself gasp and turn red. Whatever it was, it was turning me on. The thing (which I now know is a speculum) was opened up and I felt a huge rush… I also came. the doctor said ok relax now I have to see your cervix. If he noticed what happened, he didnÆt say anything. I looked at the nurse she smiled and said a lot of women feel ôfunnyö when they get opened up like that, and that it was ok not to worry about it. I thought then they both knew what had happened.
The doctor stuck some things into me and said everything looked ok in there too. I asked what it looked like. He said well take a look. the nurse pulled a mirror out of a drawer and told me to rise up on my elbows, they would show me. What I saw in the mirror was really wild. I could see my pussy being stretched open by that metal thing and I could see my cervix. That doctor said it was the opening to my uterus and explained the things they looked for in a healthy womanÆs cervix, which he said mine was.
He took away the mirror so I laid back down. I felt him pull the thing out of me and then he said he had to feel inside. he stood up and put his fingers in my vagina and then pushed down on my tummy. He said he was feeling for the top of my uterus. After a minute he withdrew his fingers and said almost done.
Next was a bit of a shock. He put his fingers up my but and also pushed down on me. I looked at him but soon he took his fingers out, pulled off the glove and said I was fine physically. and that the nurse would help me finish up and he would talk to me in his office.
The rest of the visit was uneventful. He told me that difficult periods for a girl my age were common and that he was going to put me on the pill, if mom and I agreed. He said that would get me regular and help relieve my discomfort.
On the way home mom asked how I felt. I asked her if she ever got turned on during an exam, she grinned knowingly but said naw, nobody ever does!

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