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Donna Carol

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Where it happened: Sorority House
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Category: Straight

No Question about it, I was pledged by “the” sorority at my school. I of the lucky 16 and there was a dinner at the house for us. We were told to come in casual clothes that Sunday night. We were lined up after dinner, according to height, and the tallest was called first into the little room off the living room. The door was shut. After about 20 minutes, she came out, looking a little flustered. I’m about 5’8″ tall, slim but I have pretty big breasts, 38D. After about 4 girls came out, it was my turn to enter the room. Inside was the pledge trainer, the president of the Sophmore class and three other girls. The pledge trainer said, “Strip, Donna Carol”. I got down to my bra and panties, and she said, “Everything.” Because I was on the swim team, I wasn’t embarrased to be nude in front of my sisters. There was a massage table in the room and I was told to climb up on top and lie down on my back. Dianne, the pledge trainer took out some siscors, put a piece of paper under my vagina, and proceeded to clip my hair down to the skin. She then lathered me up and shaved me smooth down there. The hairs were saved, and I later learned that they were used to make a class pillow which nobody’s date knew was full of cunt hair. She then lathered up my eyebrows and shaved them off too. “While you’re a pledge, you will remain shaven between your legs and on your eyebrows. You may pencil in brows”.
I was told to stand up and grasp my ankles. I did so, and Dianne put on a glove, put lubricant on it, and reached into my cunt. First one, then two, they three fingers and finally the whole hand. “She’s a virgin.” she announced. Now I was, technically, but there had been a few other fingers in there. At their instruction, I got back on the table and Dianne asked, are you planning to have sex in college?” I said, “I think so, if the right man comes along.” The four other girls took my arms and legs, and stretched me out so I couldn’t move. Dianne reached into a drawer and found a large dildo, about 12″ long and as big around as a silver dollar. “Sisters,” Dianne said, our ___ ___ ___ sorority is going to take another virginity.” The folks holding my arms began to massage my breasts, pulling on the nipples, which soon got hard. Dianne lubricated up the dildo and put it at the entrance to my secret place. A sister turned on the video camera, and aiming at my moist opening, started photographing. I had loosesend some, but it took some twisting to get the large dildo in. Dianne let me rest a minute, then pushed it in to where she met resistance. she grabbed the back end and with a teriffic thrust, forced it through my hymen. I screamed, but then relaxed. Dianne pulled it out, and rinsed it off. With a washcloth, she cleaned me up. they allowed me to dress. I left the room. Later that night, when I was in my dorm room alone, Dianne snuck in, striped and climed into bed with me. She held me, and before long we were kissing. Her nipples on my chest felt funny, but her mouth on my shaven mound felt good. She gave me an orgasm, and I did the same for her. I learned that they only take one virginity each pledge class, and saw the list of people that had the same honor that I had. You would be surprised to see some of the names! Dianne sucked me off about once a week until she graduated, and Brad, the first boy to put his swolen member in my slit appreciated its openness. The video didn’t show my face, (I saw it later on) but everyone on campus seemed to know that no member of the ___ ___ ___ sorority pledge class was allowed pubic hair until initiation. One of the girls didn’t date, and dating was important to the sorority, so every Saturday before initation, she had to report to the room, and Dianne jacked her off with the house dildo, until she came twice. After about a month of that, she got a date too!

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