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double dare

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: my bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

ok. for the past 2 months i’ve been reading stories on this site. I can tell which ones are bullshit and which ones aren’t. this one isn’t. one night like every other weekend i had my cousin (boy) spend the night. we’d hang out, talk to chics on my phone and play videogames. well, one night, we were both feeling pretty horny. we played truth or dare all the time because my bedroom overlooks my freshman neighbors bedroom and she is so hott. we’d play and dare each other to do stuff in front of the window for her to see. well I, especially, was very horny. i had never had sexy before but as any other teenager i wanted it badly. we started out with easy dares like “strip nude” and “dance in front of the window”. it was my turn so i picked dare. my cousin shocked me be saying “i dare you to touch my dick” hes 14 by the way. well, in our games of T or D you have to do the dare. we also have a rule that whatever the person does who was dared that dare, the person who told them to do it had to do the dare too.
I could tell he really liked my hand on his cock cause e got hard almost instantly. At the same time he had his hand wrapped around my 6 inch cock. (i got curious one time and measured it with a ruler) he was a good 5 inches. he picked dare next and i told him to “slowly jack me off.” we started jackin each other off and it felt really good. i guess it was because it was someone else doing it to me. i picked dare next, (we practically never pick truth) and he dared me to “lick his dick” just for a quick taste. we positioned ourselves in a 69 position and he licked the tip of my dick as i touched his with my tounge. his tounge felt so good i wanted to come right then and there.
I know i’m not gay, but the opportunity to have a fuck (who cares if male/female, its still a fuck) came up and i wasnt going to let it pass. he picked dare and i dared him to “blow me”. we took each others cocks all the way in and i must say he tasted great. I picked dare in between sucks and he pulled me out and said “suck me till i come”. that surprised me since we both have g/f’s. i started sucking away and could feel him doing the same to me. it felt so good. i came 1st and to my surprise he swallowed it. so, when he said he was coming, i returned the favor.
We waited until we both were hard again and i said to him “lets forget the game and just fuck, im horny” he said ok and told me he wanted me in him 1st. he stood and walked to my bed and bent himself over on his stomach and left his wanting ass in the air. I walked over and touched the tip of his ass with my dick. he said “dont play around, just fuck me.” i told him to wait cause i wanted to try something 1st. I got on my knees and started to lick and suck on his asshole. I had read about this in porn sites on the net. It’s called analingous and is supposed to feel really good. apparently he thought it did cause the minute i stuck my tounge in he moaned with pleasure. after about 5 minutes he said to me “are you going to fuck me or not?” i said hell yes and slowly entered his tight ass. i asked him if he was ok and he said just great, so i entered the rest of the way. he was so tight it made my dick hurt. he told me it hurt at 1st but once i was all the way in it didnt hurt. slowly i pumped in and out and told him not to moan very loud since my parents room was downstairs (i live in the attic) he said he’d try not too and we fucked about 10 minutes before i said im cumming. i started to pull out and he said to go ahead and cum in him. i did and i could feel his ass clench up ass i blew my load into him. by this time my ass was sweating and was wanting dick badly. i told him to do me now and switched places
I told him to lick my ass too and he did. it felt even better than having my cock sucked. i told him to fuck me and enter me fast, that way i didnt have time to hurt.
He entered and i heard (and felt) his balls smack against my sac when he did. He felt so great inside me. my asshole felt like it doubled in size. He started to pump in and out of me slowly and i told him to speed it up and go faster. everytime he went all the way in i felt his nuts slap agaisnt mine. it felt so good. finnally he said he was cumming and i told him to not pull out. He came and we both collapsed in a ball on the floor.
We were both sweating like pigs and couldn’t believe what we just did. I asked him if he liked it and he said he did. I told him I liked it too and said that even though im not gay, i wouldnt mind doing that more often. He said the same. We decied to tell our g/f’s what we did because we both love them to death and have no secrets kept from them. The next day we told them what had happened and they said it sounded very kinky and wanted to have a 4-some sometime. We both looked at each other kind of funny then started jumping with joy. He’s spent the night every other week since then and each time we fuck till about 3 a.m. Why do i say every other week? cause every other week i stay at his house too. We switch every week. But we only have sex at my house since I live in the attic where my parents can’t hear much. this story is entirely true. im not kidding. peace out.

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