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down and dirty in detail

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Where it happened: his car
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I had met this guy through an Internet chatroom and he 9 when I first started talking to him. I . I look a lot older for my age and I have a figure so it’s not like I looked like a little girl { even though I technically am. } He sent me a picture and he was totally gorgeous. Sparkling blue eyes, dark brown hair, and well defined facial features. To sum it all up he was a “babe.” He had and still has a girlfriend-the bastard, but I say that in the dearest way possible since I still care for him despite what I’ll talk about later. This is a long story but I’m sure it will be good if you stick with me. Anyways, we talked for I’d say 7 months online. After a few persuading words from him he finally talked me into me giving him my phone number. I didn’t really expect him to call but he did. He had the sexiest voice. And he said the same about me in an email the following day. Well, actually the first time he called me he just hung up-I guess he was shy for some reason or another. A couple more weeks went by and during the summer he convinced me to meet him. I did agree to do this and I was very lucky that he didn’t turn out to be some ax-murderer like my Mom always talks about. To all the girls reading this…don’t meet a guy from online, okay? It’s dangerous. I was so nervous to meet him!! I half felt like I wanted to cancel but my curiosity got the best of me. So I snuck out of my house one night while my dad was sleeping…that sounds so scandalous I know and I feel very guilty about it now…and I went to go meet him up the street where he was supposed to be waiting in his car. He had a nice ride…more ways than one if you catch my drift…and he told me I looked real good. He did not care whatsoever about that stat rape laws even though I reminded him regularly about it. I could feel his eyes burning holes onto my body he was staring at me so…well..wantingly. He definitely had some plans for me. I leaned against his drivers side door and talked to him for a few minutes. I was all giddy and excited that he though I was attractive and to top it all off he wanted a kiss. So I leaned in an..whew…what a great smoocher. He kissed me with lots of tongue and although I had kissed boys like this before it was so different. I loved the way our tongues touched and overall how it felt. It gave me this overwhelming feeling of sexiness. I felt like I was HIS age and not just a teenager. He 0 by the time I first met him. He smelled so good. Ladies, I swear every man should smell like this. I ran my fingers through his hair and it was still wet from the shower he took just a little while ago. For some reason that turned me on. After our meeting that night we said our good-byes and I walked down the street back to my house. My hands were shaking. I felt like I had just gotten off of a roller coaster. I checked my mail the following morning and he had emailed me saying how hot I was and things of that sort. The next meeting we had was even better. He got out of the car and I took his hand and led him down into my neighbors back yard. Since my neighbor didn’t have a security light it was very dark back there. Spooky yet very romantic and sexy at the same time. As I walked he put his hands on my waist and spun me around to face him. He’s not that much taller than me but then again I’m a tall girl. His 5’11 frame compared to my 5’9. He pulled me close and kissed me the same way he did the other night and oh my gosh I was in heaven. I have to add that he THOUGHT I had had sex before, but in truth I hadn’t. I guess I wanted to impress him. I broke away from his lips and looked into those eyes of his. they sparkled like something you would see in the movies. It was unreal. If I’m sounding like I was in love I was. He was so sweet and loving. Very gentle. He didn’t jam his tongue down my throat and he didn’t have roaming hands-at least not at first. I told him to follow me to a nearby tree. He had Nike basketball shorts and a Nautica T-shirt on and I told him to sit down with his back against the tree. I spread his knees apart with intention and I could tell he had a raging hard on because those kind of shorts hide no secrets. I forget how I got his shorts off but the came off and I started licking his dick. He was very clean from his shower and honestly his dick tasted just fine to me. I noticed him starting to breathe heavier. I’ll be honest. I didn’t know exactly what I was doing. I had a given a guy friend of mine head before my I got “bored” and my friend finished him off. I’m also a very big tease. I sucked on him for about 10-15 minutes and I could taste some semen in my mouth. It had to have been that because I tasted some salty liquid so what else could it have been. I stopped-much to his frustration I’m sure-and leaned up and kissed him. Another thing I really appreciated about him is that he didn’t mind kissing me after I used my tongue on him. We left on that note with a kiss and hug good-bye. I hope I’m not boring you readers out there but the story gets better as the meetings continue. Next meeting was excellent. I led him to the same place by the tree. I was extremely horny and not feeling at all like my sweet self. Its as if some sexy evil temptress had jumped into my body that night. I had on a gap “hoodie” with a light blue spaghetti string top under that with jeans, shoes and socks. And my favorite smiley face underwear and a bra. He sat on his knees in front of me and I asked him if he cared if I got undressed. What a dumb question huh? He said “no not at all!” {duh!} So I stripped down to only panties. I leaned back and laid my head on the tree. I spread my legs rather seductively and he..almost instinctively…got on top of me. We started kissing of course and I could feel his erection on the inside of my thigh. He still had all of his clothes on. He moved his head down to my bare chest after a little bumping and grinding and literally rolled his tongue around my nipple. His mouth was so warm and I imagine I must have felt rather cold since it was pretty chilly that night. Well, he sure fixed that. It was getting late and I said we better save this for next time. He pouted like a poor puppy. He sat in-between my legs and to my surprise placed his face right in the crouch of my underwear. I guess he was smelling me or something along those lines. He lifted his face up and put his fingers on the inside of the sides of my underwear-on my hips. He said ” how about taking these off?” I said no. I guess I was insecure about how I looked down there. Don’t worry, I soon go over that fear. He has a way of making me forget about what’s on my mind and concentrating on what’s happening just between to two of us at the time. I just stared into those eyes and said “til next time.” And I put all of my clothes back on. I told you I was a tease didn’t I? He later told me that I had given him blue balls. Awe poor baby. Next meeting, if you can imagine was even better. I finally lost my virginity to him. He of course was not a virgin. We met like usual but this time I got into his car. We drove to a local apartment building parking lot and he parked his car there in the dark. I knew at any time if we were to do something that we could be discovered. But somehow the though of having sex in a moderately public place was so erotic. We talked and made out for awhile-the usual routine. He’s always so subtle about what he wants to do and always wants me to take the upperhand. I personally like being the submissive one but at the time my motto was “anything for him.” I asked him what he would like to do and he replied coolly, “Anything that you want.” I jokingly said,” damnit!!! For once I would just like you to say GIVE ME HEAD..or something of the sort. Don’t be afraid to tell me what you want. You know you’ll probably get it babe.” Well, he just laughed and then smiled at me. This was no ordinary smile. This smile could have melt a hole in the heart of the most cold-hearted woman. He replied then” well what if I said Dana lets go into the back seat?” Then I told him he would get it. So off into the back seat we went. As I completely stripped down naked he grabbed a box of condoms and I noticed that his hands were shaking. Part of me didn’t want him to wear a condom. I wanted to feel it when he ejaculated in me. But of course I’m not a stupid girl. I do not want a child and so I suppressed my urges and let him roll on the condom. He even sang a little song as he rolled it down his shaft.. That chorus from limp bizkit “rolling rolling rolling.” Of course I watched him. It made me laugh. He was very relaxing. I was timid and I think he was beginning to get frustrated with me. I wanted him to be on top because I read that it’s less painful that way. But he had other plans. He still had his shirt on and I was naked as the day I was born. He told me to come sit on him but I snapped back with “no you come here.” He grabbed my arm and pulled me over onto him. He was sitting in the back seat and my naked crotch was so close to his cock. I could feel it rubbing on me. My legs were strattled around his thighs and I was facing him. I was dripping onto his leg but he liked that. He put his hand around his dick and the other on my butt. He pushed me forward onto his penis. The head slipped in and I watched it disappear into my body. But moments later it slipped out. I was so wet. After a couple more tried I sat down on it hard. I moaned a soft ouch and he worriedly asked me if I was okay. I knodded my head while squinting from the pinching sensation. Remember, he didn’t know I was a virgin. I eventually told him after and he wasn’t mad at all. I had no idea what to do. He used a condom that was lubed so there wasn’t much friction but nevertheless I could feel the tip of his penis hitting of the walls of my vagina. He had his hands on my hips and he basically took over. He moved my waist up and down. I could tell he was going to cum soon because he was making my move faster and he was even lifting his butt off of the seat to get deeper into me. He grunted a little and his breaths seemed to “stutter.” I asked him after a few minutes if he had nutted yet. He smiled and said “maybe” in that sweet little way of his so I knew he had. He caressed my breasts with both of his hands-kinda cupped around each breast. He was as always very gentle. He kissed me after and was still breathing at a fast pace-as was I. I knew I shouldn’t let him go limp inside of me with a condom on { not that he necessarily would have } so I rose up off of him. I didn’t know how long we had been going at it so I looked at the clock mounted in the dashboard. It had been less than 10 minutes. I smiled and for some reason I was proud of myself to be able to make him erect and cum all in that short amount of time. As the saying goes ” I tickled his pickles.” Oh I never told you about his penis did I? It was neither too big nor too small and the perfect thickness. It was beautiful. I had no idea how much he cummed until he took the condom off. A glob of cum leaked onto his leg and there was still a lot in the condom. I felt sore but I didn’t care. I was on cloud 9. He wiped his penis off with a tissue then wrapped the condom in that tissue…then threw it away. As soon as we go into the front seat again, his girlfriend called his cell phone. She called a couple times but he of course didn’t pick it up. I had mixed feelings about her calling. I knew I was just ass to him but I loved him-and I still do. He’s still with the same girl and she still til this day doesn’t know about me AT ALL. I talk to him once in a while now and we had sex an additional 2 times after that-the last time being in April over Easter break. Let’s just say the Easter bunny left more than chocolate eggs and marshmallow peeps in my basket that weekend. He’ll always have a special place in my heart. Even though we’ll probably never be together I enjoyed our time together. I wish him well in everything that he does.

Note: Any names have been changed to keep this story private. I tried to be detailed and honest and not sleazy. If you think I’m a slut after reading this I’m not. I was young and in love. Despite everything I would have waited. Thank you for reading my story.

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