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drunk and sore

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Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: at a party
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I went to a party with my friends and we were drinking a lot. It was the weekend after my 21st birthday and I was ready to have a good time.

My girl friends and I had been talking about me being a virgin yet, they told me it was time for me to lose that shit and have some fun. Pretty soon this three guys gome over and started to talk to me, they told me that they could take care of my virgin problem.

I was pretty drunk and asked them how they could do that. the one said that the three of us can take you up to my room and they would make me go air tight. I asked them what air tight was and they sauid come up to the room and they would show me. Since I was drunk and horny from them rubbing me I said ok let’s go.

When we got up to the room they removed my clothes and their clothes also, and started kiss my whole body. They then layed be on the bed and to of them would suck on my tits and pussy while I sucked the third one then they would change places after the came on me or in my mouth.

Then the one spread my legs open and pushed into my pussy, his dick was the biggest of the three and it had to be 10 or 11 inch. long and real fat I wasn’t able to put to much of him in my mouth. he told me this would hurt for a little bit then it would be ok. At this time I didn’t care I was ready to be fucked, and he slide that big thing in and was push down on me, I could feel it ripping me and it hurt for a little bit then it felt good.

Then he rolled me over and had me fuck him from on top. He said it was time to go air tight and asked me if I was ready for the best sex ever. This was great so more had to be better i thought, so one o the others put his dick in my mouth and held my head well the other guy put a wet finger in my ass. Here I was fucking one, sucking another and then all of a sudden my ass cheeks are pulled open and the other guy is fucking me in the ass. I yell out in pain so the guy holding my head ramed his cock back in my mouth and made me suck him, pretty soon it was all filling pretty good to me.

The guy fucking my pussy came in me first, only after I came three times myself, then the guy I was blowing came next down my throat well he held my head around his cock. Then the guy fucking me in the ass came next.

Then the other two fucked me in the ass and my pussy also, but the one i remember the most fucking my pussy and ass is the guy with the fat long cock. When her stuck the cock in my ass hole I thougth someone was putting a board up my ass hole, and he fucked me hard and he ripped my ass open by pulling my cheeks open so hard and by his big cock.

They had to help me to my friends car, I couldn’t hardly walk. And for then next few days my body just hurt, mostly my asshole.

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