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Drunk Daddy

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My dad had some friends over for the 4th of July a couple of months ago. Ever since he and mom got divorced, he has had lots of parties like that. Anyway when things were over with, I decided too clean up a little. Everyone was gone and Daddy was passed out on the sofa. I shook him too wake him to send him to bed, but he didnt even make a sound.

I was picking up things from the coffee table when I noticed my dad’s bulge in his shorts. The opening of the leg was hanging open and I could see his balls. This excited me, because I had never seen a cock before up close. I knew I shouldnt had because it was my Dad, but at the time I didnt care. I shook him again to be sure he wouldnt wake up..he didnt.

I got on my knees in front of my dad and pulled his shorts down, his hard cock sprang straight up. It was so big, so hard. I just sit and looked at it at first, the I began feeling of it, exploring his balls and cock. It felt so good in my hands. Dad’s cock began to twitch a little, I knew it must have been feeling good even though he was passed out. I began stroking it, up and down. I did this for several minutes before I decided to try something.

I took dad’s cock head and sucked it into my mouth. I worked my tounge and mouth all over my daddys cock. It tatsed so good. I only managed to get half of it inside. I bobbed my head faster and faster on it, sucking and licking at his cock and balls. I placed a hand around it and pumped the shaft with the rhythym of my sucking. Daddy began to moan, then all of a sudden he placed his hands on top of my head and I heard him say, “Dont stop Lisa, make your Daddy cum”. I looked up and he was looking me in my eyes, smiling at me. I got so excited, I kept on sucking as daddy bucked his hips into my face. I felt Daddy pushe my head down on his cock and he stiffened up as he shot his first squirt of cum into my mouth. I swallowed and took his cock out and jerked the rest onto my lips and chin so my Daddy could see hie little girl with his cum all over her. I sucked and licked him clean as I gazed up into his eyes smiling…then he passed back out.

This was my first and only sexual encounter so far, but it is one I will never forget.

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