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drunken aunt first lesbian experience

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: my bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Lesbian

I was oh crap oh yea 13 it was a family get together or something cuz the old ppl were drinking (of course i snuck some) and i went to bed some time cuz i felt dizzy well my door slowly opens up and i wasn’t fully asleep it was my aunt She was waisted and she walked tords me whispering things but calling me bri (her daughter) i just payed there and she started kissing me i for some reason let her and actually kissed back she started roam her hand and i was gone it felt so good She played with my lil boobs and i felt so amazing that i grabbed her huge e boobs and she groaned so loud and i just squeezed them and shortly her hand was down my tiny PJ pants She slowly found my vary small and tight pussy and just so easly slid her pointer all the way into me and i cummed so hard that i thought my family heard my screaming and her finger filled me there was no room mmmm So she made me cum with just her pointer and she felt it she ripped my pjs and panties of and dove for my lil pussy she started eattin me i had to cover my face with my pillows to make me not wake up the block she had me shaking for the rest of the night Then she started rubbing her pussy on my tummy while i couldn’t move i some how with her help rolled to my stomach and tryed to finger her but my hands where so small so i desided to fist her fitting my hole arm into her and she grabbed my face and Guided it to her clit and told me to lick and suck so i did and she was going wild humping my face and moaning so loud she cummed squirting me all the way from my face to my tummy and she started to lick it off and we curled up into a ball and slept… well ever sence then she’s moved closer to us and is still with her man and I’m with my girlfriend (that’s a hole nother story) but my aunt and I still meet maybe on and off about 3 times a month and just go wild and also now bri her daughter has joined in to are love so her and I get really hardcore when ever we can with of course adding are gf’s like 3 days ago we had an all girl orgy with 5 girls now that was fun! Well have fun all I KNOW I WILL BE I’m wet already lucky my gf is here already sucking my boobs… god I love you jasmine!

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