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Dude Gone Fishing

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: sister's room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My first time was 20 years ago with a much younger girl. My parents took a 3 week long trip to europe and left me in charge. It was summertime and that means going fishing almost every day.
My buddy Brian picked me up at my house at 10am on a monday so we could go to the lake and fish. When we got there, it started raining. The rain storm would not stop, so Brian took me home all soaked and wet. I went in through the back door of the house because the front was locked. When I went into the house, rock music way playing almost full blast. My little sister was in seventh grade and alway had the stereo cranked up when my parents were not home.
I went down the hall to my sister’s room. When I opened her bedroom door, I was in shock. My sister and her best friend Julie were naked on her bed. My private porno magazine collection was scattered on her bed. My little sweet sister had 2 fingers stuffed in Julie’s almost hairless pussy, and Julie was playing with my sister’s tits. I watched them for about 3 minutes before they noticed me standing in the door. My dick was at full mast! When they saw me they stopped what they were doing and started to cry. When I said I was going to tell our parents and Julie’s mom, they went into crying fits. They both said they would do anything if I didn’t tell. I thought about it for a minute, then I said Julie could suck my dick. They both stopped crying. I took off my shorts with my 6 incher sticking out ready for action. Julie said she didn’t know how to give a blowjob. I gave her instructions and she started sucking. My sister sit right next to us on the bed watching. Oooooh my first blowjob. After about 2 minutes of bobbing her head up and down, I started getting that good feeling. I wrapped my hands in her red hair and started to cum. It took her by surprise and she tried to pull off. I held her in place and finished in her mouth. When I was done, she was gagging with tears running down her face. She spit my cum on the floor. I started to feel bad that I was a little rough with Julie. We sit on the bed for awhile and I played with Julie’s pussy. Then I got on the floor and started licking her pussy. It taste just like fresh fish! What a surprise as I like fish. After a few minutes I stood up rock hard again. I asked Julie if she wanted to fuck. She was not sure. I guess my sister wanted to see us fuck, and talked her into it. Her pussy was so small and wet. When the tip of my dick slipped in, she let out a small screem. I held in place for a few minutes then started pumping away. I held still all the way inside her for a minute. This was my first pussy, and it felt so good. Soon I was going to cum so I pulled out and squirted on her belly.
I never did do anything sexual with my sister as it would be wierd and gross. However I had sex with Julie several times a week. Many times my sister would be with us and watch us have sex. Six years later me and Julie got married and we have been together ever since. Damm…she still spits my cum on the floor! I do think Julie and my sister have a lesbo thing still going on, but I never ask her about it.

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