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Ebbie (2)

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Lakefront
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

My youngest sister-in-law phoned last night and gave me this internet address, suggesting I take a look at your Reference Number 21439 entitled Ebbie. She wrote it, but Rob, the guy she is referring to as the one who took her virginity is me.

So with that taken care of let me explain the story from my point of view, the way it really happened, because there was some vital information that appears to be left out, and the way in which she has written it might suggest to the reader that I was a predator, a pedophile, or whatever you might call a guy of 26 who fucks his 13 year old sister-in-law.

Now for those of you who are reading this let me refer you to her submission, reference number 21439. You might want to read that and then read mine, and then make a decision on who you feel was the seducer!

To put the record straight I married Karen, the eldest of Ebbie’s sisters (to whom I am still happily married), but to begin with I started going out with the second eldest, her name being Elsie.

Now let me describe these girls, the four of whom are sisters. To make the description simple the four of them are almost identical in every way, the same bodies, the same faces, and many of the same attributes. If you can picture in your mind the actress Julia Roberts of Pretty Woman fame you have almost a twin to any one of them. Though their bodies were as perfect as any woman that I’ve met it was the beauty of their facial features and their lips which attracted every guy there was in town.

I met Elsie shortly after I moved in to the town where they lived. I saw her at a dance (the Royal Canadian Mounties Ball) and could not help but notice how sexually attractive she was. I finally took the courage and asked her for a dance. She asked me during the first dance what I was doing in town. I told her. And then she asked what I was doing the next evening. I told her I was free. It seemed that she and her boyfriend had only just broken up and that she was here at the dance with her parents.

She introduced me to her parents and I got invited to their home for lunch the following day, and so it was we started dating. Ebbie was only twelve at the time, the younger image of her sister, and true it was she almost caught us having sex up in the hay loft. With Elsie sex was a regular occurence, something she enjoyed and wanted often, and for young Ebbie it seemed that most of her time was spent looking for the mother cat and where it was that she had hidden her kittens.

Three months later Karen came home. Elsie and I split up, and Karen and I got married and moved into her parents place – and that’s where Ebbie watched us – from the closet where she hid.

Wendy was the black sheep, at fifteen getting caught in bed with her science teacher. It happened the week after Karen and I got married.

Now the story according to Ebbie, about Wendy and I, is a little different to the way in which it actually happened.
It was the beginning of the summer holidays and Wendy was going to her aunts place, about 300 miles away in Vancouver.
Without getting into detail, the road in the canyon was closed by an avalanche about a 120 miles out of Vancouver and we were forced to stay in a town called Chase for the night. We were lucky to find a room in a motel, and the two of us were going to have stay there – together.

Wendy didn’t seem to mind at all and I am there trying to keep in mind that she is my wifes young sister, and furthermore that she is only fifteen years old. The evening starts out with her having a shower, then calling to me from the bathroom because she can not find where the towel cupboard is. Strangely enough she didn’t check for that before she showered. Now there she is, her hair soaking wet, her hands trying to keep the water out of her eyes, and her body stark naked in the middle of the bathroom floor as she waited for me to assist!

I went back to the bed and sat there, trying to disassociate myself from what it was I had just seen, and a minute later she came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped round her middle and around her hair, acting like nothing had happened. I didn’t say a word. I just sat there watching the television, thinking of her naked body, and wondering how I might survive.

“Which side of the bed do you want to sleep on?” I heard her ask as she sat there across from me drying her long hair.

I looked about the room. A chair and just a table. I was tired, and there was no way that I was sleeping on the floor.

“You choose,” I told her, and then instead of getting into her pyjama’s I saw her go back to the bathroom, hang the towels upon the wall and then after walking naked across the room she climbed into the bed.

I got up and turned the light out, and took a long cold shower, and when I came back into the bedroom Wendy was fast asleep. I got into the bed, but you would have to be of the male gender to appreciate how difficult it was to go to sleep when you knew that right there beside you was one of the most gorgeous looking young women a man could ever imagine, and she was naked!

I woke! At first I thought that it was Karen, and then I realized where we were! She was playing with my penis, leaning on one elbow, with a breast right near my face. The room was light as the moon shone through the open curtains and I could see her, a smile on her face. I gasped.

“What the hell!” I whispered, not stopping her.

“You were stiff – go back to sleep.”

I could not stop what she was doing, but I cursed for what she did, and closed my eyes and lay there on my back as her hand caressed the shaft.

I felt her body moving, and as I opened up my eyes I saw her climb upon her knees, and knowing well what she was doing I watched her put one leg across me then kneel above the shaft.

I pretended I was sleeping, though she knew that I could not, and then I felt the wetness of her pussy as it touched against my phallus and then engulfed my shaft. I gasped as it went into her and then watched her naked body as played upon my shaft.

Such sex as this I’d never felt or known of before, and when it was she reached her climax I thought I’d lose my penis as she strangled it inside.

She was crying when we finished, and the passion of her kisses and the tears that touched my face were evidence of how she felt and emotions she had hidden as she fucked me on the bed.

“I love you,” she whispered. “I’ve wanted this to happen since the time that we first met.”

“I’m married to your sister.”

“We could still have sex. Once in a while. Maybe you could take me to the hayloft like you used to with Elsie?”

“How do you know that?”

“There’s a hole in the wall, going into the barn. I watched you more than once.”

“How many guys have you had sex with?”

She smiled, as if she might avoid the question I had asked.

“A few.”

“You ever had an orgasm like that before?”

“Ah… most of the time I guess.”

“How many guys have you had sex with?” I asked again.

“Including my science teacher… and yourself?”


“Your going to think I’m a slut.”

“I do already.”

She smiled, and I could feel her body slowly moving, stroking softly and caressing the shaft that grew inside.

“Eighteen. How about yourself?”

“Including you and your sisters?”

“Uh huh.”


“How old were you when you had your first?” I could feel her body moving as she gently fucked my shaft.

I smiled. “Twelve.”

“That’s young. Who was she?”

“My brothers girlfriend. She was sixteen. She was supposed to meet him at our house but he’d gone out with his friends instead and she was pissed off. I guess she thought that if she fucked his younger brother it would be a suitable revenge. She was Chinese, or Oriental, or something like that, and I guess that revenge is a part of their culture.”

“Where did you do it?”

“In the grass, behind our house.”

“Was it good?”

“Of course.”

She became quiet, her eyes now closed as with long definite strokes she fucked my penis one more time, and I just lay there as she fucked me, watching through the open curtains as the sun began to rise outside and shine into the room.

And so it was with Wendy, and yes, we did once in the hay loft and on another occassion in the car when I had picked her up from a school party in town.

Such was my experience with Wendy, and you know of course what happened with Ebbie.

What Ebbie forgot to mention however was an occurence that happened just a week or so before we had sex that first time. She had been arguing with Karen in the kitchen, and I had made the mistake of telling Karen, in a nice way, to ‘stop arguing with her. She’s only a kid!’ Then it was that Ebbie’s fury turned on me. She was mad! Really mad! She made it very plain to me that she didn’t agree with my conclusion that she was ‘just a kid!’

That evening I was sitting in her father’s library watching television when Ebbie walked in, a bathrobe tied around her.

“Where’s Karen?” she asked. We were the only ones home. The others had all gone to Vancouver for the week.

“Upstairs, on the phone, where she always is.”

She didn’t say another word, but stood there right in front of me and began untying the robe. And then she pulled it open, her naked young body right there before my eyes. I could not believe how beautiful she was, and only thirteen years!

“You still think I’m a kid?”

I shook my head.

“You want to touch them, make sure they’re not an illusion or something?”

Again, I shook my head. Karen could walk in here any moment.

“Then don’t call me a kid again!” she told me in no uncertain terms as she tied the robe back up, and then she went back to her room.

I followed her up to her room a while later, and knocked on her door.

“Come in.”

“Sorry about calling you a kid,” I told her.

She smiled, in a peculiar sort of way. “That’s okay. I’ll get you back.”

It was the following week that we found out about the car accident, and Ebbie being stranded at the movie theater. I went into town and picked her up (as per Ebbies own account), but it was there by the lake where the account differs just a little when she asked if I wanted to lie back and look up at the stars. Then as I laid back upon the grass she instead stood up, and with that same peculiar smile she slowly reached beneath the mini-skirt and rolled her panties down her legs. She just kept watching me, that smile on her face as she then threw them on the ground and laid beside me on the grass.

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