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Ebony fantasy

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Where it happened: Southern US
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Category: Straight

I know this story may sound wacky, but I assure you, it is absolutely TRUE! For as long as I can remember, I have lusted after black women. Something about the erotic way they move, their full hips, large breasts…just turns me on. Being an asian male, growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood, I really had little opportunity to explore my “chocolate fantasy”. In addition, I was very studious and was quite shy around girls. I attended a large prominent midwestern university and thought this would be my chance to land a black woman, but this would not be the case. The male to female ratio was really bad, and the football players had the market on the black female population. Much to my dismay, I remained a virgin throughout college and entered the military to fulfill my commitment for my ROTC scholarship. My luck would soon change. I was attending a 3 month course at my first duty station when I first spied “Katrina” in class. Her dark ebony skin, dark eyes, and shapely body really turned me on.

I flirted with her as often as I could and she seemed interested, so I invited her over to my quarters one night. We had a couple of beers and chatted about our first assignment here, exchanging small talk. She made a comment about needing a massage and I gladly obliged her, kneading her dark shoulders in my hands. I couldn’t believe it…I thought that this could be my night, I would not only lose my virginity, but I would lose it to a beautiful, black woman…my dream come true. I had Katrina lay on her stomach as I continued to massage her back. Building up courage, I eased my hands underneath her blouse and undid her bra. Katrina offered feeble protest, but I would not be denied. By now I had a raging hardon, and I made sure she could feel it as I straddled her back. I continued to push the envelope, as my hands neared her large breasts. She cooed with pleasure. I started kissing the back of her neck and breathing in her exotic scent as she continued to moan with pleasure. She was ripe for the picking and I knew it. I asked Katrina to roll over and she feigned protest. I would not take, “no” for an answer. Soon she had rolled over and I was eyeing her delicious black breasts. I gazed into her eyes and she recognized my lust for her. We kissed timidly at first, but it soon built up to a frenetic pace. My hands explored her body and I moved down to give those luscious breasts some attention. Her huge nipples stared me in the face like enormous chocolate kisses. I devoured them. I eased my hand down below her waist and attempted to between her legs. Again I met protest. I earnestly started dry humping her.

I gazed up again into her beautiful eyes and said, “I want you so bad.” She whispered to me, “I think you just want to try something a little different, and have some dark meat.” I assured her that she was wrong and, again, I tried to slip my hand into her pants. She gave in. Soon my fingers moved passed her hair bush and I felt her wetness. She was soaked. I rubbed her slit, although I really didn’t know what I was doing. She moaned in pleasure. I moved down between her legs and finally coaxed her pants off. I moved my head between her legs and smelled her musky aroma. Damn, I was so turned on. I looked at her slit–all black with pink in the middle, just like in the magazines! I licked her for all I was worth. She screamed out my name with pleasure. She had her orgasm and buried my face in her crotch. I was in heaven.

I moved up her body and paid attention to her breasts. She reached down and started slowly caressing my rod. It sprang to attention. She slowly led my cock to her wet bush and helped guide me in. The feeling of her wet glove surrounding my cock is still emblazoned in my mind today. We slowly ground our pelvis’s together. I instinctively reached my hands beneath her beautiful muscular ass and plunged deeper and deeper into her love gash as I neared orgasm. I wish I could say that I lasted forever, but I was spent only after several strokes. We lay there after our moment of passion as the room was filled with our erotic funk. I later admitted to Katrina that she was my first. She told me that she could tell, but was honored that I chose her to deflower me. Over the next several months, Katrina and I had many liaisons. We were stationed together for our next assignment and continued to fuck each others brains out, but alas, I was in Washington DC. There was an abundance of black tail for me to hunt down and conquer. She eventually married her college sweetheart after she had sown her wild oats. I’m grateful that I of them and still think of her today. There will always be a special place for Katrina in my heart, and I will always remember that one hot night in the deep south where I lost my cherry to my ebony fantasy woman.

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