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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: parents home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Panties on the floor

It started when I was about 14 years old my mother’s younger Sister came to stay with us after a bad separation from her husband. She was a lovely lady around 40 years old and took care of herself.

My mom and dad were going to take her out for dinner and I got to Stay home with the next door neighbor. My mom and dad left earlierSo they could get a good seat at the restaurant my aunt was to leave Later.
I was in my room and heard the shower running so I got up and went to The bathroom door and tried to listen what was going on behind the Locked door, as I started to return to my room I heard the door open and My aunt came out in a bathrobe and said hi to me then went into her room.

I had to pee so badly I ran in and saw what look like her panties bundled up On the floor not thinking I picked them up and started to smell the lovely blue Panties WOWOWO!!! What a mature woman smell they had. I got a hard
On just thinking I was smelling my aunt’s panties much less seeing them.

I had forgot to lock the door and the next thing I knew my aunt was standing There watching me smell her panties I was so embarrassed I dropped them on The floor and said aunt Betty I am sorry. There she was in bra and panties
WOWOWO!! She looked good. She said to me honey don’t feel bad every Young man wonders what a mature woman looks like naked or smells like.

She looked down and saw my now erect penis as she smiled and said here let me show you something, she sat down on the side of the tub and pulled her panties down her legs and said come over here to me. I came close and she
said get on your knees and lean in between my legs as I leaned closer she opened up her legs and I could see her pubic hair she pulled me closer to her hair and said now take a good smell breathe deep and take in the smell of
a mature woman. WOOWOWOO!! Did she smell wonder full. Then she Asked me to take my tongue and lick her once, so I did WOOWOW did She taste nice my aunt started to moan and wiggle around where she Was sitting. I could feel her start to shiver and her moans got deeper and Longer. She told me “OH!! Baby don’t stop licking I am going to cum
Right here…she pulled my face deep into her pubic hair as I heard her Say OOOOOO!!!! I am cuming honey…I am cuming!!!! She started To shiver and shake so much that I felt some wetness come out of her.

She told me we had better stop for now but she would be back tonight And let me do it again.
I was in bed asleep my aunt snuck into my room and got in bed with me And taught me how to make love to a woman..I have to say we made Love more times while she stayed with us for a year.

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