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Elderly Malay Woman

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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: Riverside
Langauge: Enlish
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My name is Jay and I’m an Indian guy of fair skin with average size body but my tool (penis) is best assest. My penis is about 9″ long and 2/15″ witdh and my balls are big as ripe rambutans with lots sperms. At the age 19, I already had some sex experinces.
This is a true incident happened when I was 19 yrs old. This took place some where in Perak. This Malay lady who was in early 40s but had a very sexy and shapy body who happened to be my landlord’s wife. Her name was Beyah. Let me tell little a bit about Beyah..her body is about 38-27-39 and she is about 5′ 4″ tall. She got a very sensual lips. Her Husband was attached Agama Dept. and used travel outstation always.
I was renting a room in their ground floor. There was 2 other rooms rented out as well.

Well, the incident took place at the riverside near the house. Usually, in the evening after I used to go the river for my bath as it was very cooling and the water was crystal clear. When I went to the river, my landlord’s wife was there washing some bed-sheets. I smile and nodded at her and she told that it is easier to wash big cloths in the river. I said and changed into my boxer and got into the water. After few minutes swimming, I got out of the water to soap myself. As I was applying soap to my body, I noticed that Beyah was looking at my groin. Then I came to aware that my penis shape was visable through the wet boxer. Though I was 19, I had very sizable tool, about 9″ long + 2/15′ witdh. Most of my friends used to call me “Anaconda” and so on. Well, back to the incident, as Beyah was watching my groin, I just pretended to be normal and went about soaping my body and in the process, I startting my groin area and upper thighs. By doing so, the tip of my penis was visable and I did this casually. Beyah was getting very excited and she started talking to me asking all kind of questions and I anwsered her normally. On course of conversation, she told me that I got a big tool. I asked Beyah whether she has not seen this size before? Beyah said no and she said her husband’s size is much smaller. I told Beyah, if she wants to see my penis, she can see in my room when we get back home. Beyah agreed and she is very eager as her husband has gone out-station. Beyah told me that she’ll come to my room when everybody has gone to sleep.
That night I finished my dinner early waited for Beyah anxiously. In fact, I was fantasizing her ever since I rented the room in their house and tonight is going to be the time. Though I had some sexual experinces but I never had a malay woman before.
It was 11.00pm, someone knocked my door. I quickly openned the door and there was Beyah. I quickly let her in and closed the door. I held her and kissed her lips and she was eagerly sucking my tongue. She was responding as if she never a sex for long time. As I was kissing her, my left hand slowly moved to her breast and start massaging it. Beyah started moaning..ahhahhh…mmmmm…
TheN I slowly kissed her ears and started licking them…she was going getting wild. I moved her to my bed and started removing her baju and sarong one by one… she had very beautiful and melon size breast which was very tasty to suck and her nipples were get harder and bigger. At the same time her hand was pressing my groin. I slowly moved from her breast to her tummy and then to her pussy, which was very bushy. Her virgina lips were big and nice. I kissed her clit, she got a electric shock. I started biting her clit and the pussy lips and started rubbing my chin (I did not shave my face for 2 days) at her pussy lips. Beyah was thrusting her bump upwards uncontrollably. I could feel her warm juice was flowing heavily. Beyah was moaning aarrrrhhggggg..mmmmmmmmm… Suddenly Beyah pushed off my head from her pussy saying “saya tak boleh tahan lagi sayang, masukan butoh lu dalam puki saya sakarang…” I opnned her legs wide apart and position myself in between her legs. Slowly I pushed penis head into her pussy…initially it was a bit tight.. Beyah was saying..”plahan2 ya sayang…kote lu besar sanget”.. I pushed in about 2″ and she was in pain…I took out and inserted again slowly..this time it went in about 3″. Beyah was gasping for air. I pulled out and thrusted in slowly again..this half of my penis went in and Beyah still wasn’t able to take it…She was half crying and half moaning because her pussy was very tight for me… she was saying ” sakit sayang tapi enak…pelahan ya sayang”.. My penis was rock hard and eager to go in full steam but I wanted Beyah to cry for my cock…. So, I pulled out again and thrusted slowly but with a bit more force…Tears was flowing from Beyah’s eyes..I kissed her lips tenderly and pushed my cock inside her cunt..Beyah held my body tightly as she was pain…. I laid on her for awhile and she was a bit relaxed and her cunt was able adopt my cock..I slowly pulled again and start pumping slowly….in..out..in…out..Beyah was now moving in along slowly and getting aroused greatly… I started pushing in to the muximum and she was moaning and thrushing her head side to side…Beyah was moaning ahhhhaahhaaa…oooohhhhhhh..sedap abang..sayang sedap lah…. I can feel Beyah is climaxing again…I started increasing my thrust…hump hump hump….Beyah was going wild now … ahhhaahhhhh….mmmmmmmmm..aarragggg..ooohhoohoohh..now clamped her legs around my waist and was hugging me tightly… this position helped me to go deeper into her cunt…Beyah was climaxed and her juice was flowly heavily..this help me to thrust her faster…slowly I increased my speed..Beyah was going Hummmm Humm..hummhumm..hummmmmmmm… Its already about 15 mins we were fucking and its getting more wilder…Beyah is really a good fucker…she was matching my every thrust and I started hammering her cunt and my balls were hittings her anus..pluk pluk..pluk… Now Beyah is in full rhythm with me… Now I pulled out my cock and Beyah looked puzzled.. I told her to turn around and be on her knees and hands..I got behind her and slowly inserted my cock into her wet cunt…I started riding like a horse wildly…Beyah was moaning ..aaaaahhhahhh…ooohohoohohhhhhhh….eeeeeeeeeee.. she came again and her juice was flowing down…I kept pumping fast and faster… I feel my balls are growing big and I could feel I’m about to come but I wanted Beyah to climax one more time…so I changed position again into a missionary position with her legs on my shoulder… I ramped her cunt with a single stroke…. Beyah screamedd yyeewwwoohhhhhhhh.. I continued my thrashing with full vigor and speed….Beyah was moaning… aaahhhhhhhhhh…ooohhhhhhhhhhh howww hhooowwwoww… suddenly she held me tightly and screamed…aiiieeeeeeeeeeeyyyoooooo hhhoowwowoowww… Beyah climaxed again and she was about tp collapse… I held her shoulder and lifted her up and thrashed wildly and with full speed….I fucked for another 15 mins..I was coming…I told Beyah I’m coming…she told me to shoot it in cunt as she wants to feel and enjoy the warmth of my juice…..as I was thrashing her cunt … I came…my juice was spouting into her cunt like there was no stopping… We lay together hold each other tightly for few minutes…. When I saw my watch.. it was 12.45midnight… we’ve been fucking for 1 hr 45 mins…oh great…Beyah was kissing me everywhere and told me that she had never experinced sex like this before….slowly we started kissing again and Beyah was surprised to see my cock got hard again… she no way she is going to have another round as she already very tired and unable to walk….Beyah said..”sayang kita sambung esok malam lagi ya” and she kissed and left my room quietly….

This was my first experince with a Malay lady and it was really an enjoyable one… I’ve more experinces to share which I do next time….

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